Hopefully you’ve seen some of our previous posts about the Octoblu platform and how you can use it to automate just about anything! Octoblu lets you tie devices and web-services together via a web-based visual designer.

Imagine being able to wire lights, doorlocks, toasters, industrial factory systems, sensors, GoToMeeting, twitter, facebook, ec cetera together and orchestrate interactions in minutes! In this guide I’ll show you how to set up a Raspberry Pi, a $35 linux computer, as an Octoblu Gateway that can run plugins to talk to various consumer IoT devices. You’ll also be shown how to install a plugin that lets you use the GPIO pins on the raspberry pi to control hardware and read sensors. The best part, all you need is a 4gb SD card, a Raspberry Pi, and a wifi usb dongle. Its a completely headless set-up! Be sure to watch the video and get all the files from the Hackster Tutorial!