XenMobile Server allows the enterprises/organizations to have their own company logos in the WorxStore. This blog outlines the steps needed to configure WorxStore branding in XMS v10, including step by step instructions with screenshots.


You would need the following pre-requisites in place:

  1. One Instance of XMS – fully configured
  2. The company logo file must be in .png format (Pure white logo/text with transparent background at 72 dpi is recommended).
  3. The company logo should not exceed this height or width: 170px x 25px (1x) + 340px x 50px (2x), for proper alignment of logo.
  4. Files should be named as Header.png and Header@2x.png
  5. Select these two files and zip them as folder

Note: Zip file should be created from the files, not a folder with the files inside of it. They should be in ZIP format only and not in any other format.

Step-By Step Instructions

1. Login to XMS server

2. Navigate to Configure -> Settings -> More

3. Click on WorxStore Branding (Under Client)

4. This will open the branding configuration page.

5. Browse for the ZIP file that has two Header files in it.

Note:  You can also choose the default store views for the Worx Store and the type of devices where this branding has to be seen (ex: Phone or Tablet).

6. Click on Save.

7. You will get a screen saying the branding zip file has been saved successfully.


  • During the confirmation screen, you can see the preview of how the branding would look like.
  • If you need to make any changes, you can re-upload the modified ZIP file and Save it.

8. When you login into WorxHome on your device, you will see the logo as below:

This concludes the blog on WorxStore Branding.