Service providers who are still taking help desk calls for adding new apps, resetting passwords, or removing users are impacting their overhead and customer service. Automation and delegation of tasks help streamline a service provider business while providing better customer service for the Desktops-as-a-Service (DaaS) offerings.

It’s 2015 – think of how many personal services you have automated with an online portal instead of a phone call. You can use an online portal to change a flight, get a car ride or order a pizza — tasks that used to be a phone call.

Time is money these days and customers are interested in the “experience economy.” Pause for a minute and think about the image of your firm. If clients can order lunch via a web portal, why do they need to pick up a phone to modify their hosted apps and desktops services?

Does a phone-only service model make your firm look like a technical leader – or a little behind the times? How much time is the services team spending on low-impact support calls like adding a new user or resetting a password? Those basic support calls aren’t upsell opportunities, but take time from the services team.

Citrix CloudPortal Services Manager:  Empower End Users

The Citrix CloudPortal Services Manager is a comprehensive control panel that helps service providers lower operating costs and empower end user clients with online access to update their hosted workspaces. Service providers can better manage the provisioning of secure hosted workspaces – increasing scale and operating efficiency while reducing management cost. For end users, it’s as simple to add a new user as it is to order lunch.

Adding a new user to a hosted workspace environment can be completed by the customer—saving a phone call for the service provider – using the CloudPortal Services Manager portal

Case study: DaaS + CloudPortal Services Manager Drive Competitive Advantage in One of UK’s Fastest Growing Consultancies

A new Citrix service provider case study details the impact of hosted desktops and self-service with CloudPortal Services Manager on a fast-growing UK consulting firm. It was fantastic speaking with this small business customer to learn how they’re finding competitive advantage using Windows apps on any tablet, smartphone or laptop. Their story of ensuring flexibility with secure cloud-based access to line-of-business applications and data is incredible (it involves carrying a server down 12 flights of stairs- worth a read!). But for me, one of the key advantages this firm’s use of Citrix-based hosted services is the ability to delegate work and use self-service tools.

The customer notes their secretary uses CloudPortal Services Manager to manage hosted workspace accounts for end users across the company. When she is on vacation, the receptionist uses CloudPortal Services Manager to add or remove users. No IT expertise is needed in a small or medium sized business that’s using CloudPortal Services Manager as part of their complete service provider-based hosted workspace.

How could your customers benefit from simple changes like self-service provisioning? How could your business benefit from helping customers onboard new users without over-provisioning the available capacity? Imagine how simple it would be for your end users to add a new hosted workspace to an environment with just an online portal.

Pleasing Customers – And Expanding the Hosted Workspace Sales Conversation

Notifying end users of the opportunity for self-service provisioning can be a marketing opportunity for the service provider business.  Empowering users with a self-service portal can be a chance to restart conversations around adding hosted desktops, hosted mobility, plus data share and synch to a customer’s existing hosted services. Reinforce your brand and service with your custom-branded CloudPortal Services Manager portal, empowering customers to manage a variety of hosted workspace services from one convenient interface. (See Citrix KB article on rebranding CloudPortal Services Manager

Additionally, introducing the self-service portal may be the time to talk about expanding Desktops-as-a-Service to other regional offices or users not originally included in the hosted services contract. By empowering customers to simplify their relationship with your technical teams, you’re also opening the door for conversations about strengthening the overall business relationship with your clients.

CloudPortal Services Manager makes it easy to provision or deprovision hosted workspaces from a secure online portal—driving customer self-service and efficiency for the service provider.

Simplifying Hosted Workspace Management with CloudPortal Services Manager

Citrix Service Providers can speak with their service provider distributor about adding CloudPortal Services Manager to their regular monthly Citrix order.

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