At our partner Summit we spent time discussing a new solution, Citrix WorkspacePod (CWP), which will be released later in 2015.  WorkspacePod is a fully integrated software stack that supports Citrix XenDesktop and Citrix XenApp. The technology enables converged and hyper-converged infrastructure to deliver the Citrix mobile workspace experience.  Let’s break that up a bit to better understand what it means.  First, CWP is a software solution. We are not going to be selling servers and storage hardware as part of CWP.  The fully integrated software stack is the software that makes up WorkspacePod. It integrates with the underlying hyper-converged or converged infrastructure in the lower part of the stack, and the hypervisor and workloads in the upper part of the stack.  In the first edition, CWP will support XenDesktop and XenApp.  The customer experience is the number one priority for Citrix. Whatever enables this experience needs to work seamlessly without interruption to the users.

We Are Running An Early Adopter Program (EAP) for WorkspacePod

The purpose of the EAP is to validate CWP through feedback and suggestions from the customers and prepare for the launch of CWP to the broader market through our existing Sales, Services and Support field teams, and channel partners.  The program is running together with HP and DataON.  We will talk a lot more about CWP at Synergy. The EAP is a stepping-stone to get there.   We want to demonstrate success with customers that have validated CWP at this time. We are looking for 50 prospects to do 10-12 near term deployments.   Our partner HP has already started bringing us HP Moonshot – Citrix CWP opportunities! They have committed to bringing us 25 opportunities and we need to match that!

Here’s how it works. We send our engineers on site to help implement the early adopter deployments and to provide on-site training to the local SE and sales partner.   We are primarily looking for prospects in the US, UK, and western, central and northern Europe.  The customer is most likely a managed service provider  financial services/bank, or manufacturing company.  They will be looking to set up a XenDesktop environment for  150-750 users (and XenApp for 400-2000 users). The initial deployment will be confined during the test phase and later on integrated into their main network.  It may be a green field deployment or hardware replacement. They must be willing to be public reference as a CWP early adopter..

How we define success will vary from customer to customer. The one thing all successes have in common is that expectations have to be met! It’s extremely important that you and the customer agree upon the expectations going into the project.   We encourage you to work with your local SE and our global CWP team. Success might be measured by the time it takes to deploy the solution, cost savings per seat with hyper-converged infrastructure, ease of use, one-stop support, or empowering the Citrix administrator.

If you have a customer in mind for CWP please email  We’ll walk through the qualifying questions with you and do a technical discovery call with your customer.    It’s a great idea to involve our channel partners in the program.  If you’d like to learn more or see a demo, please let us know!

We are looking forward to working with you and enabling our new and existing customers through WorkspacePod!