Citrix has done it again: set a new standard in price/performance with the introduction of the next-generation NetScaler platform.

The Architecture

The new NetScaler MPX 25000 is a quantum leap forward with its ultra-high capacity and industry-leading performance-to-price advantage over the competition. One of its breakthrough advances is the use of merchant silicon, which enables the 25000 series (yes, I said “series”) to ride the steep Intel processor price curve.

But the problem with designs that use commercial off-the-shelf or COTS hardware has historically been relatively poor performance compared to proprietary solutions that accelerate traffic flows in various ways using custom silicon.

And herein lies the second and more significant breakthrough advance Citrix has made with the MPX 25000.

By optimizing the software (and only the software) for Layer 4 to Layer 7 applications, the MPX 25000 affords a performance-to-price ratio that handily beats the competition—by a factor of 1.5 over the F5 Viprion, and a factor of 3 over the A10 Thunderbolt.

So why is this design worthy of oft over-used “next-generation” moniker?  If you’ll forgive the pun, it’s because the future for mobile operators is as clear as it is cloudy. To meet the demands of the rapidly-evolving mobile industry, mobile operators need an infrastructure capable of maximizing both flexibility and efficiency, including the ability to evolve different elements of the network at different rates.

In other words, to remain profitable, mobile operators need a cloud and the economic advantages only a cloud can afford. And no vendor is better qualified to help mobile operators successfully navigate the cloud than Citrix is. As the market leader in application delivery controllers, the NetScaler product line provides the foundation for 75 percent of service provider clouds worldwide, which has given Citrix the #1 ranking in public cloud solutions since 2012.

And it’s not just the best products that mobile operators need, it’s also the best practices for making the migration. And only Citrix has both. Because the MPX 25000 is fully compatible with the rest of the NetScaler family, mobile operators are able to choose from among physical, virtual and multi-tenant platforms to accommodate current requirements, while preserving the versatility needed to migrate to Network Functions Virtualization as desired. Indeed, it is having its value-add exclusively in software that makes the MPX 25000 a strategic bridge to a future cloud-based NFV infrastructure.

Just as importantly, the software based MPX 25000 shares feature, function and OAM equivalence with all existing NetScaler products, and leverages the same innovative TriScale technology to fully protect mobile operator investments. TriScale is what enables both five-9’s availability and elastic capacity with incremental scalability in three dimensions: up, out and in across all NetScaler platforms.