The XenMobile product development strategy is focused on providing enterprise customers with choice and flexibility.

In the dynamic market for Enterprise Mobility Management, mobile device and OS preferences will continue to ebb and flow due to factors such as user experience, security capabilities and price. With XenMobile, Citrix wants to leave all options on the table and allow enterprises to tailor an EMM strategy that best fits their business requirements and goals.

Raise your hand if you’ve heard of Android for Work.

Android for Work, a Google program, provides a dedicated work profile for Android devices that includes operating system-based encryption and sharing restrictions, ensuring that business data is separate and safe while personal information stays private.

Today, Citrix Announced Support
for Android and Work Enabled Devices.

With XenMobile as the device and application management platform, Android for Work gives enterprises new options for embracing and delivering mobile technology.

Android for Work provides a particularly interesting option for corporate-issued device deployments; a use case that historically favors iOS device deployments.  There are a couple of generalized statements we can make about corporate-issued device deployments.

  • They are primarily driven by security requirements and concerns.
  • It’s expensive to hand everyone in the organization a new device.

XenMobile and Android for Work Deliver Enterprise-Grade Mobile Security with Lower Cost Device Price Points.

This new offering makes an attractive option for enterprises looking to deliver mobility through large corporate-issued device deployments.  XenMobile has a history of leadership in supporting MDM (Mobile Device Management) and MAM (Mobile Application Management) on Android device platforms.  The addition of Android for Work support builds upon that leadership giving enterprises more options when developing their mobile strategies.

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