Our recent release of the XenMobile 10 product content reflects a customer centered approach to content design. For the XenMobile 10 release, we observed customers using previous versions of XenMobile content and made improvements to the XenMobile 10 content to address some of the problems we saw.

It’s Easier to Get to the Content You Use Most

One of the issues we noticed was that customers were having to dig too deep into the content to find information they frequently use, such as system requirements and product compatibility.  In XenMobile 10, we made this content easier to find.

To determine exactly what content you needed most conducted a survey of over a 100 IT admins and consultants who administer XenMobile on a daily basis and asked them about the content they need the most. The result was flattening XenMobile 10’s table of contents and bringing more used content to the top.

Longer, More Complete Articles
So You Don’t Have to Jump Around as Much

In usability studies we also observed customers having to jump from topic to topic in the product documentation in order to complete a task. In response, we’re combining content into more complete, stand-alone articles that include an overview, requirements, steps, decisions, examples, and troubleshooting.

Answer Your Questions Before You Ask Them

Many of our customers have told us they want more detail around tasks they perform when managing XenMobile.  “Click this, then that, then click OK,” just isn’t enough. Customers want to know the details about choices they’re making, why defaults are set the way they are, and what the costs are when making decisions concerning configuration options.

In XenMobile 10, we’re trying to provide you more detailed content to answer your questions, but we need your help. When reading XenMobile content if you find there’s not enough information about something, send us feedback and let us know what you were looking for.

While viewing the article about which you need more information, click the link Provide feedback about this topic.

More Screenshots To Help Keep You On Task

Last but not least, one of the most requested product documentation enhancements is screen captures.  Screen captures help readers to stay on task and to know they’re where they’re supposed to be. In XenMobile 10 we’ve included many more screenshots to help readers.

We’re Not Stopping Here

We’re continuing to validate design assumptions with customers and partners. We want to know what you think about the current docs, what you like, and what we should improve. Our goal is to improve with each release. If you would like to provide us feedback or take part in usability studies concerning XenMobile content, send your contact information to mike.melton@citrix.com.