Citrix has been helping customers solve their app delivery challenges for years (More than 25 years to be precise).  That’s why XenApp app virtualization technology is found in financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, government, education, and retail businesses throughout the world.

If you are new to Citrix XenApp, trying to come up to speed on what XenApp app virtualization actually does or an existing Citrix XenApp admin who is looking to do more with your existing deployment, then this blog is a great a great starting point for you. While XenApp is a powerful application delivery solution, the basic concept of virtualizing an application is very simple. Instead of installing an application on every user device, install and manage the application in the datacenter then allow secure, remote access to any user on any type of device they have. Simple, yet Brilliant!  But that’s just a sneak peak virtualization technology. Most IT admins want the details like ‘how does it work’, what are the bells and whistles that make it a ‘must-have’ for any business, and most importantly how can it help your organization. Well, that’s what we want to show you.

Paul Murray and I Recently Recorded a Webinar

Catch the Full Recorded Webinar On-Demand

Or, click on the opening slide above. There are a lot of use cases for app virtualization, but for a 45 minute webinar we wanted to drill into some of the most popular scenarios, share real-world customer implementation stories to see solution in action, and showcase the technical aspects of the product to reveal how Citrix XenApp solves today’s IT challenges. During the webinar we take a look at the following scenarios:

Secure Remote Access

How to securely provide employees with access to the applications they need from anywhere?  This could be working from home, a remote office or doing a quick approval from a hotel, but the secret is ensuring a secure connection and protecting sensitive, corporate data.

Control Costs

It’s costly to manage apps on distributed endpoints and it’s costly to buy expensive PCs for everyone in your organization.  XenApp is a proven solution for savings money and even more savings is realized when paired with thin client computing technology.  So start saving!

Mobilize Apps

Enterprise business applications need to be accessible from mobile devices, so give your users high performance access to Windows apps on any type of device while keeping the app in the datacenter right next to the application data, where the app performs best!

Simplify Migrations

Separating the application from the endpoint removes any dependency on the device operating system.  Don’t ever go through another XP migration scenario again! Free the app from the device and make it easier for IT to manage the app for years to come.

Since the Webinar is a Recording and We Can’t Answer Your Questions Live

Please post any comments or questions regarding the content of the webinar to this blog. If you are willing to share, we would also like to hear how you are using XenApp to solve your IT challenges. Hope you enjoy the webinar!