Wind Hellas

Millions of mobile subscribers in Greece are now enjoying a better mobile data experience, one that’s likely to see them watching more video over the 3G and LTE network of their mobile operator, Wind Hellas.

That’s good for subscribers, as they can spend more time enjoying and less time waiting for videos to play. It’s good for Wind because the more those subscribers delight in the experience, the more data they’ll use and the more revenue Wind will collect. It’s a real “wind-wind,” you might say.

Puns aside, ensuring a great mobile web and video experience is fundamental to the financial health of mobile operators in both developed and developing markets. Video is the primary driver behind the explosive worldwide growth in data traffic and, for most mobile operators, video traffic constitutes 50% or more of the data that traverses their networks. They have thus become video service providers, like it or not.

In developed markets, many operators have embraced this reality and have undertaken initiatives – often with the help of Citrix – to ensure a great data and video experience. In these markets, where mobile device penetration typically exceeds 100%, retaining current subscribers is paramount. These operators view a stalled video as the modern equivalent of the dropped call and recognize that too many of those stalled videos can cause subscribers to look elsewhere. Some have gone even further, using video quality as a competitive differentiator.

In developing markets, adding data subscribers and getting them to use more data is the key to growth. Here, too, forward-looking operators are focusing on the video experience but with a different objective in mind. Their goal is to increase data ARPU. The best way to do that is to make the service quality good enough that subscribers actually want to watch video. We’ve seen time and again how a reduction in video stalling immediately translates into more data users, increased data consumption and increased operator revenue.

Although there are countless approaches operators can and do use to improve loyalty and increase revenue, the fact remains that there’s nothing more frustrating to a subscriber than a dropped call – or a stalled video. Operators like Wind are committed to reducing that frustration so that both Wind and its subscribers can reap the rewards.