Calling Citrix customers and partners.  This week is the last chance to participate in our annual Project VRC ‘state of the VDI and SBC union’ community survey.

The success of the survey will be determined by the amount of the responses, but also by the quality of these responses. This led us to the conclusion that we should stay away from giving away iPad’s or other price draws for survey participants. Instead, Project VRC opted for the following strategy: only survey participants will receive the exclusive overview report with all results immediately after the survey closes.

The survey will be closed February the 15th of 2015. We really hope you want to participate and enjoy the official Project VRC “State of the VDI and SBC union 2015” survey!

The Project VRC survey is brought to you by independent consultants Jeroen van de Kamp and Ruben Spruijt and the results will be valuable to the entire community.


Fill out the project virtual reality check “State of the VDI and SBC Union 2015” Survey.