Citrix CloudBridge team is super-excited to launch the beta program for our upcoming firmware release 7.4. We invite you to try your hands on the features and enhancements in this release and give us your valuable feedback.

The key highlights of CloudBridge 7.4 release are:

Expanded Insight Center for Better Network and Application Visibility

  • Multi-hop HDX Insight support provides hop-by-hop granularity of the network for faster triangulation and troubleshooting.
  • WAN Insight within Insight Centerthat brings comprehensive application visibility for all WAN traffic and branch-specific statistics.

New Diagnostics Tools with Simplified Workflows

  • Call Home that connects CloudBridge appliances with Citrix Insight Services (CIS) for preventive maintenance and automated error detection using diagnostic plug-ins. Refer to our blog CloudBridge is now onboard with Citrix Insight Services! for a brief overview.
  • Packet analyzer for on-the-appliance trace visualization.
  • Simplified configuration for the popular deployment modes like WCCP/PBR/WCCP clusters and for commonly used features like secure peering and SSL configuration. Simplified configuration will lead to quicker installations.

Orchestrate and Manage Large Deployments

  • Programmability using REST based NITRO API, enabling administrators and service providers to write scripts and do automation of large deployments.
  • Virtual datacenter deployments enabled by expanded virtual portfolio with value-added features with CloudBridge VPX appliances. See our announcement on Updates to the CloudBridge VPX Line-Up.

All of these and many more enhancements are lined up for CloudBridge 7.4 release. To participate in beta program for this release please sign-up here.

Update on 03 April 2015: CloudBridge 7.4 beta is available now ! Please sign-up here to gain access.

Looking to provide beta feedback, suggest an enhancement or report an issue: please use the beta feedback form.