I took the family on a roadtrip from Phoenix to Los Angeles this weekend.  We decided to drive my wife’s new Volvo car.  As I started backing out of the driveway, the rear view camera turned on and overlaid the video with a projected runway to show me the path behind the car.  As I broke the geo-fence on my driveway, Octoblu automatically closed my garage door using my MyQ smarthome garage door opener.  I remember thinking, “Neato!”

As I was about to pull out of the subdivision, I remembered that the lights in my home were still on and I wanted to check that all of my doors were locked.  Luckily, I had created a “lockdown” flow in Octoblu that does all of this automatically for me. With a tap in our Blu app, lockdown was successful.  I didn’t need to go back home.  Neato again!

Now it was just me and my family and the open road!  I turned on the cruise control and began to mentally enter vacation mode.  Next thing I know, a car moved into my lane directly in front of me.  As I reach for the brake, the new Volvo starts automatically adjusting the speed for me.  Come to find out, it has something called Adaptive Cruise Control that uses sensors to keep a safe cruising distance with cars ahead.  In fact, this technology works so well that I used it for the entire trip even in city driving down to near stops and back up to cruising speeds.

Along the route, the Volvo’s navigator suggested an alternative route to save 15 minutes on our trip and it asked me to accept the new route.  I responded by, “Yes, please” and the car re-routed us.  By the way, all navigation and entertainment controls are speech enabled for safety.  My car almost has a personality.

As we crossed the Arizona / California border, my iPhone updated the time on my Pebble smart watch back one hour from Mountain time to Pacific time.  My daughter looked at me, smiled, and said, “Now we really are living in the future! Right Dad?”  Indeed, we are!  I welcome the driverless vehicles and drones especially if they are powered by Octoblu!