The latest Citrix Mobile Analytics Report reveals the fact that subscribers using an iPhone 6 consume the highest data volume of all iPhone-owning subscribers and double the volume of iPhone 6-owning subscribers. Advice to those seeking to upgrade to an iPhone 6 Plus: your data plan bill is about to get bigger!

Enterprises that support BYOD policies and underwrite or allow employees to expense their data plans should also take heed of the potential impact these larger devices will have on enterprise mobile data expense. For mobile operators, the implication is straightforward: they’ll need to effectively manage the higher volume of traffic being generated by larger devices to ensure a high quality of experience.

For more details on mobile subscriber and enterprise mobility usage patterns, download the latest Citrix Mobile Analytics Report. To learn more about how Citrix addresses enterprise and mobile operator needs, visit XenMobile (enterprise mobility management), ByteMobile (mobile network traffic management) and NetScaler (application delivery for enterprise and service provider networks).