If you’re one of those Citrix administrators who have spent years managing Web through the MMC snap-in, there is a strong possibility that you might feel very lost when migrating to StoreFront.  Especially if you desire to customize or configure it.

That’s why Feng Huang posted some amazing articles about Receiver for Web 2.0Receiver for Web 2.5 or Receiver for Web 2.6 .  His posts are focused on the appearance of the website itself. He also posted a series of articles to assist administrators with Receiver for Web.

Whether you need to change the workspace control settings, configure the session timeout or the html5 client or the receiver deployment,

  1. A quick look at eDocs will reveal the need to play with the XML based web.config file.
  2. To make this process easier, a GUI tool is now available for “everyone” (please read “Citrix Administrators”) to play with.
  3. You can download it in the Citrix Knowledge Base article CTX138991

When Launched from the StoreFront Server Itself

(The primary in case of a multi-server deployment)

A prompt offers to perform a synchronization with the other StoreFront servers. It is compatible with Receiver for Web 1.2, 2.0, 2.1, 2.5.x and 2.6.

Please Share Your Feedback

If you download this tool, I’d like to ask you to  share your feedback so that we can improve and enhance the tool.

Thank You.

Frederic Serriere