We continue to add several new connector nodes to Octoblu per week.  This week, we added Slack, Google Places, and Tesla!

Since we do not have a Tesla to test with (yet), we are looking for volunteers with Tesla cars to give it a spin and let us know how it handles 🙂

The Tesla node currently supports the following features:

  • Controls The Car’s Panoramic Roof
  • Determines If Mobile Access To Vehicle Is Enabled
  • Flash The Lights Once
  • Gets A List Of Owned Vehicles
  • Gets Current Temperature and Climate Control State
  • Gets Driving and Position State Of The Vehicle
  • Gets Info About The GUI Settings
  • Gets State Of Charge In The Battery
  • Gets Vehicle’s Physical State
  • Honk the horn once
  • Lock The Car’s Doors
  • Opens The Charge Port
  • Set The Charge Limit To A Custom Percentage
  • Sets Temp Target For The HVAC System
  • Sets The Charge Mode To Max Range
  • Sets The Charge Mode To Standard
  • Start Charging
  • Starts The HVAC System
  • Stop Charging
  • Stops The HVAC System
  • Unlock The Car’s Doors

Here’s a video of the Tesla node in action!


Let us know what you think!