Similar to my inaugural “short“, here are some things happening in my Citrix world that I believe are worth sharing with the Community:

  • I am still waiting for an email from Shawn Bass explaining why 6 seconds is an acceptable amount of response time. 😉
  • Speaking of Shawn, Helge Klein and Aaron Parker teamed up to write a nice 5 part series on folder redirection (and how it impacts UX and “breaks” things).  You know what I think they proved? Pegging a file server is bad, SMB 1.x sucks and redirecting AppData is actually a fantastic way to reduce login times.
  • Apparently I can’t hype up the new PVS wC option enough (since I still see so many customers buying extremely expensive all flash arrays for seemingly no reason!).  Want to see it in action? Check out Dan Feller’s video here.  Don’t believe us at Citrix?  Check out an independent study done by ESG.
  • Still think the new wC option requires a ton of extra disk space vs legacy wC options?  Not if you size your memory buffers properly and defrag.  Myth busted!
  • Did you miss Summit?  While I can’t comment on everything, I can comment on some of the things we are talking about publicly or mentioned in press releases.  Specifically, we’ve created a mouse prototype for use with iOS (and Brian likes it), we announced WorkspacePOD, we shipped XS 6.5 which has a 64-bit control domain and memory-based read caching, and we announced a ton of upcoming features and TPs (most notably Linux VDA, Framehawk integration and Session Recording is coming back!).
  • I thought Dane Young did a great job de-mystifying what is really “inside” WorkspacePOD.
  • Did you miss our earnings call last week?  One of the things I thought was interesting was MarkT’s statement about VDI in a Box (ViaB) and how we’re moving in a different direction effective immediately.  Some interesting external commentary from Bas here.
  • We (somewhat quietly) made 3 acquisitions in the last 3 months – it started with Solid Instance in November, then Octoblu in December and now Sanbolic this past month.  VMware fired back by grabbing CloudVolumes in August and Immidio this week to beef up their EUC product line.
  • Speaking of VMware, they announced vSphere 6 this week.  A few highlights from my perspective – they now support 64 hosts in a cluster, finally have vGPU support, VVOLs look promising and VSAN got a face-lift.  Cormac has a great post on VSAN6 if you want details.
  • Maybe “old” news, but maybe not…one of the biggest challenges we’re facing in the field right now on the Mobility front is due to the fact that Apple is no longer allowing distribution profiles with wildcard app IDs.  So you better grab the new XenMobile App Signing Tool and re-wrap those apps with explicit IDs and profiles.
  • StoreFront adoption continues to pick up and we’re now leading with it almost everywhere.  And one of the new features I love (and we have been implementing a lot of lately for customers) is Optimal Gateway Routing.  If you haven’t heard about it, it’s worth checking out.

Hope this helps.

Cheers, Nick

Nicholas Rintalan, Lead Architect & Director, Citrix Consulting