Citrix specialists earn incremental incentives and enhance co-selling with Citrix Sales.

Demonstrated technical competency in Citrix solutions is the newest path to business success.  The old saying, “Jack of all trades, master of none,” is especially relevant in today’s fast-changing and increasingly specialized technology landscape.

To increase the likelihood of project success, many customers are avoiding generalists in favor of partners with in-depth technical expertise. They are looking for leaders in emerging tech areas such as enterprise networking, mobility management and application delivery. They want assurances of competency through hands-on experience, references and best practices.

That’s why I am very excited to share that Citrix has created a new path to partner success – Citrix Specializations

This is the cornerstone of our new Citrix Solution Advisor Program that was announced at Summit in Las Vegas.  Specializations provide a framework for partners to demonstrate technical competency, end-to-end sales capability and service delivery expertise in one or more of the following competency areas:

  • Virtualization – delivering and managing Windows apps and workloads via Citrix XenDesktop and Citrix XenApp
  • Mobility Management – managing Citrix-developed native mobile apps and data on mobile devices by leveraging Citrix XenMobile and Citrix ShareFile
  • Networking for Data Center – optimizing, securing and controlling the delivery of enterprise and cloud services built on Citrix NetScaler and Citrix CloudBridge
  • Networking for Apps & Mobile Security – optimizing app and mobile network performance and security with Citrix NetScaler and Citrix CloudBridge

Build on Your Strengths

The Specialist categories align with our Citrix Mobile Workspace solutions and therefore partners that demonstrate competency across multiple Specialist categories drive greater business growth, profitability and success in complex, multi-faceted customer engagements. You can get a head start by becoming a Citrix Specialist in the technical category that best reflects your current business model and then expand your technical scope or target a complementary market by earning additional Specialist categories.

Count the Benefits

The advantages of becoming a Citrix Specialist run the gamut from financial rewards to exclusive services practice development content and stronger engagement with Citrix Sales.

  • Competitive differentiation – stand out from generalists and win deals involving highly technical solutions
  • Customer satisfaction – delight your customers by delivering added value through technical specialization
  • Business growth – attract new customers, expand
    existing Citrix implementations with additional solutions and services, and earn repeat business and referrals
  • Industry recognition – showcase Citrix endorsement via the Specialist logo, which attests to completion of rigorous competency requirements, technical expertise and demonstrated success in customer engagements
  • Lead generation – receive priority ranking on Citrix Partner Locator and priority lead routing from Citrix Sales
  • Co-selling with Citrix Sales – gain credibility and visibility with the Citrix Sales field organization, leading to valuable collaboration
  • Services enablement – enjoy 24×7 access to exclusive content available via the Services Center, offering the same tools and resources used by Citrix Consultants

Leverage Specializations to Advance as a Citrix Solution Advisor

Specializations offer new self-select advancement opportunities to obtain a higher CSA program level based on a combination of technical competency and revenue attainment. For example, by specializing in more than one technology category, you can grow to become a Citrix Platinum Specialist, the highest designation within the CSA program.

I strongly encourage partners to start your specialization journey today! If you are a currently a Citrix partner, visit Citrix Specialist on Citrix Partner Central for more details. If you not already a member of the Citrix Partner Network, this is a great time to become a partner.

Stay connected – follow @CitrixSpecial  for the latest news about Citrix Specializations and follow the Citrix Partner Network on LinkedIn and @CitrixPartners on Twitter.