Hi All!

I’m lucky to have fantastic readership of my CAD, CAE, CAM and PLM streams already and I really value the feedback and comments you give me. CAD+Cloud and CAD+Virtualisation is the reason I moved to Citrix from the CAD industry at Siemens PLM to work on the HDX 3D Pro GPU projects with NVIDIA targeted at helping designers virtualise.

Today, I’d Like to Ask You All a Favour!

Over Xmas, I spent a little time working with a friend Sander van der Hoek, who works in the Netherlands at partner IBM. Sander was introduced to me by Ruben Sprujit (TeamRGE and CTP), a key personality in the graphics virtualisation community, and his opinions and work are highly valued within the industry.

Sander loves CAD and designers; he’s fascinated by the data transfer and translation of large assemblies and how real users buy and use design software such as Dassault Catia, Siemens NX, AutoDesk products etc…. In fact he’s so passionate that he’s studying the subject in his spare time at university.

Sander has set himself the challenge of writing a thesis on “Development in the designer workplace”. In order to do this he needs lots of real feedback from real CAD users who are or aren’t considering or using Cloud, Remote Graphics or Virtualisation. Sander has set up a user survey (with an option to be anonymised in the results) to get the feedback he needs to kick-start his project.

Why Should You Take Part?

  • Sander is a credible expert in this area understanding the pros and the concerns associated with virtualising CAD
  • Every participant will get a copy of the thesis containing the results and the analysis so they can also gain an overview of how the CAD industry is virtualising and where it isn’t
  • We’ve all had a passion and going back to university to study one in your spare is a big commitment and daunting step, let’s give Sander some support and enthusiasm to keep him going through hours of late night study!

Note: You can read more about virtualising CAD on our blog stream here: /blogs/tag/cad/

Sander’s Own Words

Welcome to my survey! (survey here)
My name is Sander van der Hoek

(nl.linkedin.com/in/SandervanderHoek). Besides my work for IBM I am studying at E3 University where I am writing a thesis with the subject “development in the designer workplace” Your help, by filling in this survey, is very much appreciated.

Before you Start Answering the Survey Questions Let me First Start by Answering a Few Questions.

Why Should I take the time to complete this survey?

By filling in this survey you will help me writing a meaningful thesis about the designer workplace. There are many developments in the market. Recently NVidia, Citrix and VMware announced new developments in the area of 3D capable high-end virtual desktops. Software vendors and service providers are also developing SAAS (Software As A Service) based CAD/CAM solutions, that will provide new capabilities to make these high-end applications available for designers at any location and any device, often Cloud based. Many organizations that use CAD/CAM or other high graphical workstations are exploring the new NVIDIA/Citrix/VMware DAAS (Desktop As A Service) and SAAS capabilities, because of the major business and IT benefits that are enabled by this new technology.

What’s in it For Me?

The thesis should give a better insight into the adoption of these new technologies. If you help me by filling out the survey you will receive the first copy of the thesis with valuable new insights.

Is it going to be annoying?
The survey is designed to be as compact as possible. The core questionnaire includes 25 questions. It will take 10-15 minutes to complete the survey. If you feel like answering further in-depth questions you can choose to fill in the extended version that will take a couple of minutes more.

So what do you mean with designer workplace?
The designer workplace in the context of the survey is a (mostly corporate) high-end workstation with high graphic capabilities that runs designer applications like CAD/CAM or other designer applications. It typically models and renders 3D images of products that are being developed like cars, buildings, devices or other physical products.

What happens with my response?
Your response will only be used as data for the thesis. Your (company)name and e-mail address will be asked for reference but it will not be mentioned in the thesis.

What else do I need to know before I begin?
If you cannot answer a question please skip the question and proceed with the rest.

I hope you will enjoy filling in the survey!