Mark Templeton, CEO of Citrix, has spoken a lot on the concept of a software defined workspace. An Octoblu demo we built awhile back uses Gimbal iBeacons to start a GTM Meeting when one or several beacons walk into a room. So imagine, there is an iphone or ipad in a room running our BeaconBlu app (coming to the app store this year) and you and your manager are scheduled to have a meeting with another branch at a time when both of you are in the office. When you both walk in with your beacons in your pocket, the meeting is automatically started. No need to fumble to quickly get your meeting open, just walk in and you’re ready. With Octoblu we can create interactions like this and more. We’ve designed the platform to make it possible for users to create these apps visually using a variety of hardware devices and web services! The image above shows how to make a simple flow that just starts a meeting when you place your beacon on top of your phone. The image below shows an example of a more complex flow that starts the meeting when all the required people enter the room. When the meeting ends a recording of the meeting is emailed to everyone who was in the meeting as a sharefile link. As we progress with this, we’ll be posting how you can do this yourself!

Click this link to import the flow from above if you’re interested in seeing how it works!

Then watch the video!