The CloudBridge team recently announced a number of big changes to the virtualized WAN Optimization – VPX product line-up. First and foremost we have 2 new models at the high end, the VPX 100 and VPX 200 that will extend the capacity of the existing line up. Over the next 3 months we will be releasing new feature functioanlity within these VPX models. The high end models starting with the new VPX 50 and upwards will include AppFlow and WCCP clustering capabilities that support increased application/user visilibility and even greater scale than was possible before by being able to operate multiple clusters of CloudBridge instances.

In addition to the VPX 100 and 200, we are introducing the VPX 6 which will deliver a wider range of options for our customer’s branch office locations. All the Branch office models including the new VPX 6 will be enhanced with Video Caching capabilities. The Video Caching functionality improves the viewing experience for HTTP video streams, especially on slower links while reducing the bandwidth strain on branch office WAN connections.

Check out the latest CloudBridge datasheet for more details about the new VPX models being released.”