There have been so many announcements, of new features, recently of around both Citrix XenDesktop, XenServer and NVIDIA vGPU that after seeing enquiries on CloudStack and OpenStack GPU support over on the excellent NVIDIA GRID and vGPU forums (you can find the forums, here), I thought it was worth highlighting that CloudPlatform recently announced support for NVIDIA vGPU in their latest version.

  •  In conjunction with Citrix XenServer, Citrix CloudPlatform 4.5 can now take full advantage of Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) hardware.  Now, offload graphics-intensive tasks from a general purpose CPU to a GPU to deliver a much higher performance for professional designers using specialized graphics tools. IT can dedicate a GPU to their needs using GPU passthrough.  For power users and knowledge users who don’t have the same intense requirements as professional designers, a physical GPU can be shared among several users via vGPU.  The ability to dedicate and share GPU hardware makes efficient use of GPU investments.  At the same time, organizations can deliver the performance required for workloads in support of big data processing, medical imaging, video and more.  Administrators have the flexibility to assign GPUs to Guest VMs when deployed or later on by simply changing the service offering.

More Options and Choice for Customers.

This is great for my customers using GPUs and/or HDX 3D Pro as it allows them more options to unify their deployments and use the same infrastructure to mix VDI with Cloud and Server Virtualisation. Citrix XenDesktop and XenApp are hypervisor agnostic. XenDesktop and XenApp support a variety of platforms including XenServer, physical workstations, Microsoft Hyper-V, VMWare vSphere, Amazon AWS and Citrix CloudPlatform. This new announcement means my XenDesktop customers can:

  • Deploy XenApp or VDI with vGPU using XenDesktop on top of CloudPlatform, as an additional VDI management option, read more here
  • Mix XenDesktop vGPU in parallel to pure CloudPlatform deployments to suit the needs of different users in their companies
  • Take advantage of the products from Cloud Service providers services from CSPs and DaaS partners building their platforms using CloudStack and CloudPlatform (Penny’s blog is a good read to keep up with this market)

NB: For those asking about OpenStack support, you can read more about how the XenServer team have worked with the community to implement GPU pass-though and NVIDIA GRID support for HPC, here. Although I don’t believe OpenStack currently supports vGPU.