What does a 500 horsepower LocalMotors Rally Fighter and Octoblu have in common?  LocalMotors and Octoblu have partnered with the AllSeen Alliance and The Linux Foundation to create an open source connected Rally Fighter to demonstrate Internet of Things (IoT) capability!

We are psyched about the opportunity and buzz around the connected car movement, and we are interested to see where this adventure can take us.

This open source connected Rally Fighter includes:


We have control via Nodeblu and other IoT protocols (HTTP, WebSockets, MQTT, CoAP, and AllJoyn) of the Hazard lights, headlights, door locks, and windshield wipers. We can also mesh other private and public Octoblu clouds together forming a rolling mesh network.
What cool demos should we do at the for upcoming events to mimic real world needs or show off the capabilities of open source IoT and Cloud in things that roll?
How could we implement this cool open source technology into your projects?