After co-founding Octoblu just over a year ago, I am proud to now be called a Citrite!

Our original mission was to connect everything to everything (people, systems, and things).  We have been focusing on building a secure Internet of Things (IoT) mesh network/platform and web application to easily create and deploy flows that run 24/7 with the click of a button.

Not much has changed from our original mission except that now we have access to thousands of other Citrix employees to help us reach our goals! Our IoT platform continues to mature and now supports sensors and things found in the home, office, and field (industrial).  Our data analytics components are also maturing as we continue to route messages to both Splunk and ElasticSearch in realtime.

As we see it, there are now three areas of grand opportunities for us:

1. Continue to focus the Octoblu platform on home, office, and industrial IoT opportunities

2. Introduce more seamless enterprise solutions via connecting Citrix services including: GotoMeeting, Sharefile, Podio, and Right Signature.

3. Integrate Octoblu into Citrix’s networking and mobile products and services including: NetScaler, XenMobile, CloudBridge, and ByteMobile.

Stay tuned posts on IoT projects and how-tos for connecting everything to everything!