Citrix Developer is working on making integration with Citrix products and services easier than ever.  The first program that most developers write when starting to program is the classic “Hello World” app.  How easy it is to write this first application is know as “Time to Hello World”.

Citrix Developer is helping the developer community with Quick Start guides to help you achieve

“Time to Hello Citrix”

Part of our “Time to Hello Citrix” strategy is the Citrix Developer Visual Studio Extensions mentioned in John McBride’s earlier blog, which helps developers quickly innovate with Citrix as a platform for tomorrow’s WorkSpace solutions.  To make your integrations efforts even easier, 3 new videos have been added to the Citrix Developer YouTube channel to help you get to “Time to Hello Citrix” even faster.

The 3 new videos that help you familiarize yourself with the Citrix Developer VS Extensions are:

ShareFile QuickStarts using the Citrix Developer VS Extension – See how to get started building ShareFile application integration using the ShareFile project templates.

Creating a GotoMeeting API Developer Key – learn how to create an API Key application used for integrating Citrix GoToMeeting into your solution

Citrix GotoMeeting SDK QuickStarts (using the Citrix Developer VS Extension) – get started integrating Citrix GoToMeeting into your applications and solutions.

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