With winter storm Juno tackling  the U.S. in locations from Long Island to New England and eastern Massachusetts to Maine, and blizzard like conditions in up to seven states, business continuity becomes, and remains, a concern now and in the upcoming weeks. Making sure people have access to the applications, files and collaboration tools their productivity depends on. Business continuity management solutions help your organization plan for these scenarios, so you can protect against consequences like lost productivity, lost revenue and reputation damage.

Luckily, Citrix is here to help with our business continuity solutions to ensure uninterrupted productivity for people and guaranteed uptime for IT services. By combining Citrix technologies with business continuity planning best practices, you can provide your employees with seamless and secure access to their apps, data and collaboration tools during any business disruption.

The same everyday infrastructure supports the organization during a business continuity event as during routine operations. IT doesn’t need to invest in or maintain separate access tools or dedicated disaster recovery sites. People don’t have to adapt to different ways of working. While people and business units may need to move to alternate locations and devices, their work experience remains unchanged to minimize disruption.

Read white paper: Guidelines for maintaining business continuity for your organization

Your customers and prospects need support now more than ever. Citrix Partner Marketing has the tools that you need to give them the comfort they need through their business disruptions.

Log in to Citrix MarketingIQ today and search, “Business Continuity” for campaigns that support your efforts and allow you to execute emails, landing pages, and thank you pages to your customers and prospects who are stuck in snowy conditions. All of this, along with supporting white papers, solutions briefs, etc., will help your customers and give them the security they need through this time.
Read white paper: Guidelines for maintaining business continuity for your organization

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