Calling All System Administrators, Partners, CSP’s, CTP’s!

Many of you have been hearing, the “Citrix customer is first!”.  We want to hear from you.

We know that monitoring and troubleshooting Citrix products is always at the top of everyone’s mind.  Here at Citrix, our goal is to make this an easier task for our customers.

If you’re a System Administrator, Partner, CSP, CTP, anyone who is responsible to troubleshoot and monitor the Citrix applications and desktops environment, we want your input!

Is This a Typical Scenario for You?

“As a System Administrator for the Citrix products, I have set up and configured the various products/components of Citrix’s application and desktop solutions.  I am also expected to monitor and troubleshoot this environment because when there are problems, they are escalated to me to determine root cause. Anything “Citrix” automatically is escalated to the “Citrix team”.  This problem determination can be very difficult because I lack a single tool that provides visibility into the Citrix stack.  For example, if it is a PVS problem, I need to use the PVS console, if it is XD/XA, I need to use Director, EdgeSight, or HDX Insight, etc.  Sometimes I use 3rd party tools as well.  Many times the problem may not be a Citrix problem, but I need to be able to provide distinctive proof.

I wish that I had a tool that would provide me visibility into the whole Citrix stack. Adding in surrounding infrastructure would help me solve problems quicker due to the ability to attribute issues to other parts of our infrastructure.”


This survey is now closed. Here are some preliminary results:

96% of you easily related to the situation

62% found the solution compelling (very/somewhat)

71% found the solution relevant (very/somewhat)

61% would most likely use a mgt pack if it came from Citrix

63% either have System Center or plan to deploy it in the future

36% of you do not have SCOM, nor do you plan to deploy it in the future