Data centre operations management is a very complex and tedious task. With more and more applications moving to cloud, the only way to manage the complexity is by providing innovative solutions that offer flexibility, simplification and automation.

Citrix NetScaler integration with Cisco Nexus series switches exactly offers the same. Citrix NetScaler uses Remote Integrated Service Engine (RISE) technology from Cisco that simplifies provisioning and configuration of NetScaler MPX devices. RISE reduces the initial configuration from 30-steps to 8-steps that results in a provisioning time of just 2-minutes.

The Auto Policy Based Routing (APBR) feature eliminates the need for manual intervention of configuring policy-based routing on Nexus when new services are provisioned in the data centre.

Citrix NetScaler supported RISE integration with Nexus 7000 and 7700 series switches from 10.1.E release onwards. The support is available on the latest 10.5 release.

The RISE Integration is Now Extended
to Nexus 6000 and 5000 Series Switches.

Cisco Nexus 6000 and 5000 series switches are part of the Unified Fabric product portfolio that offer data centre and top-of-rack switching gear.

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