Imagine a Network that Dynamically Orchestrates Itself, to Deliver an Awesome User-Experience.

One where this user-experience follows the user irrespective of the application, device and location. This has been the motivation for multiple innovations in the Data Center, Wired and Wireless networks, however the innovations were not end-to-end, agile and open. The mobile and cloud era has further fueled this expectation of delivering this awesome user-experience, where the applications are consumed and delivered from anywhere. Customers have been challenging us to deliver this best user-experience, by innovating in software to  protect their existing infrastructure investments and effectively accelerating the advent of the Software Defined Networking(SDN) era.

Citrix and Cisco Have a Proven Track Record

Of innovating in software and delivering this awesome user-experience on world-class infrastructure.  Hence, we jointly embarked on this bold SDN journey. Citrix was encouraged to integrate our NetScaler family of product API’s with Cisco Application Policy Infrastructure Controller (APIC), which is part of the Cisco ONE (Open Network Environment) Platform supporting “both” data center and enterprise networks. The addition of the Cisco APIC Enterprise Module(APIC EM) that is supported across the Data Center, wired and wireless network enables the transition of customers to SDN without the notion of any forklift upgrades.

At Cisco Live Milan

We’ll demonstrate the delivery of this awesome user -experience to Citrix XenDesktop users, consuming video hosted in the cloud and accessed over their mobile devices. We will be witnessing the power of the rich API integration between Citrix NetScalers and Cisco APIC EM, where the APIC EM dynamically orchestrates the end-to-end network QoS, based on Citrix NetScaler’s telemetry intelligence

Citrix NetScaler is proud to be the strategic partner with Cisco in delivering the long awaited promise of SDN. Lets jointly witness this, awesome user-experience following the user, at Cisco Live Milan.