Well, Here We are Again at the Cisco LIVE Conference in Milan.

And once again, Citrix is one of the select few Cisco Partners invited to present our ACI solutions here at DevNet. As you may know, DevNet is Cisco’s developer program aimed at lowering barriers to entry for developers by providing APIs, DKs, ready-to-use code samples, a developer sandbox, technical support, and some interesting community interaction.

As any networking professional will agree, today’s networking model is complex and can be difficult to provision and troubleshoot for security, path optimization, QoS, and policy compliance. A distinct problem is implementing and maintaining network settings across multiple devices in a datacenter, campus or WAN network. At best, the settings are static and time consuming to implement; at worst, manually implemented, error-prone and poorly managed, or just not feasible.

With Cisco’s ACI Application Policy Infrastructure Controller (APIC) and the Cisco NetScaler ADC

A Solution is Close at Hand.  In addition to QoS settings, the Cisco APIC controller can dynamically maintain ACL and multi-path route settings across a very large data center or an entire WAN and campus network. Citrix NetScaler leverages the APIC APIs to deliver the best application experience possible, automatically. The NetScaler history of delivering applications and services in an intelligent manner, across all types of networks and clouds, is now expanded to bring the NetScaler L4-L7 capabilities with the Cisco L2-L3 networking fabric. This Cisco/Citrix joint solution approach was discussed in detail with Susie Wee, VP & CTO of Networked Experiences at Cisco in the following video: http://photonsf.com/clients/citrix/cx14111/review/

Anyone wishing to produce solutions and applications leveraging Cisco technology can avail themselves to over 50 presentations, tutorials and workshops in the DevNet Zone. One of the key technology sessions will be highlighted in a presentation on Thursday, Jan 30th at 1pm: “Spotlight on Citrix in the Automated Datacenter: Integrate ALL the APIs!” In this session, Brian Tannous, Technical Readiness Consultant for the Citrix Cloud Networking Group will show the power of the NetScaler ADC and the integrations we’ve done with datacenter automation stacks, the Cisco ACI, and the Citrix NetScaler. You’ll see our latest APIC Device Package and how this extensive integration enables the NetScaler to integrate into Cisco’s application-centric datacenter. In addition, you will also learn about NetScaler and XenDesktop (Creating QoS policies on the fly), RISE integration, and how to easily migrate Cisco ACE to NetScaler.

In the DevNet Zone

Citrix engineers are present daily to show you how to simplify and automate the datacenter, especially around user identity, policy compliance, QoS, and other network gateway issues. In addition, we will explore how you can take advantage of the latest from Citrix and Cisco to drive automation for provisioning and automating your network in a faster simpler way.

If you are at Cisco Live this week, come by the Citrix developers pod at DevNet and we will take you through the Citrix vision for integration between Citrix solutions and Cisco’s APIC to deliver apps and data with the best performance and reliability.

We look forward to seeing you at DevNet and helping your network automation ideas come alive!