In a tech-everywhere day and age when connected cars can be seen cruising down the highway and smart thermostats control your home’s temperature before you’re even awake, it shouldn’t be so hard to save and share your files from the office or on the go.

As Citrix Continues to Innovate for Specific Industries

Those like accounting, financial services, healthcare and construction, and develop tailored solutions, I’m happy to share two new Citrix ShareFile features designed to help streamline workflows securely and with ease.

Citrix ShareFile Integrates with Fujitsu ScanSnap

Whether you prefer the new Fujitsu iX100 mobile scanner (my personal favorite) or the PC Magazine Editor’s Choice iX500 desktop scanner, getting paper off your desk and into your Citrix ShareFile account is easier than ever.

Check out this short video to learn more about how Joe Woodard, president and CEO of the Woodard Consulting Group, has converted his Atlanta office to an almost-paperless work environment with the ShareFile/ScanSnap integration.

The Fujitsu ScanSnap integration is now available for download from your Citrix ShareFile account.

Introducing Print-to-ShareFile

Enter Citrix ShareFile’s new Print-to-ShareFile virtual print driver, which makes workflow inefficiency and regulatory-compliance concerns a t

hing of the past. With this new feature, healthcare and tax professionals, small business owners and construction managers can easily save sensitive files directly from applications like Microsoft Word, directly to their ShareFile account – keeping the security chain of command intact.

Sharing information securely with people outside of your company isn’t always easy, and many industry-specific systems that protect sensitive data inside your business don’t always talk to applications on the outside. This can create workflow bottlenecks and issues with security and compliance.

Since your documents live in Citrix ShareFile’s private cloud, you never have to create or keep track of PDF passwords. And with the ShareFile Plugin for Microsoft Outlook, you can securely share information with anyone outside of your organization right from your inbox.

With these two new innovations, Citrix ShareFile is cutting out additional steps so organizations can go paperless and streamline workflows, while still being compliant with crucial industry-specific regulations.

Citrix ShareFile at LegalTech NY and T3

Want to see and test out these new solutions? We’ll be demoing the Citrix ShareFile integration Fujitsu ScanSnap, as well as the Print-to-ShareFile feature next month at LegalTech in New York (February 3-5) and the T3 Conference in Dallas (February 12-14).

Stop by the Citrix booth at either event to see the newest solutions in action!