Successfully selling Desktops-as-a-Service isn’t about speeds and feeds, it’s about experience. End users want to access business-ready desktops on any device. The business buyer wants to learn how Desktops-as-a-Service can make their day-to-day business more efficient, flexible and secure. What distinguishes Citrix—and Citrix Service Providers – from other players in the market is the understanding that it’s more than technology features that make a service provider successful. In the “experience economy,” buyers purchase an experience, not just a product.

Research and industry presentations have brought this topic to the forefront.  Today’s experience economy is re-inventing business based on the experience you want end users have with your product, not just selling – or reselling — the product.

At Citrix Summit, the keynotes talked about the experience at a four star restaurant. Is the experience great food, great service, unique ambiance – or a combination? Is your buyer’s experience equivalent to a fine dining experience – or a fast-food chain?

In the context of the IT, some service providers provide the basics – a resold technology that a client could purchase as a packaged good. The margins on a resold technology are sometimes thin. Highly successful service providers take their menu items – their base technologies, industry knowledge and past vertical successes – and package those into a superior experience, earning a higher margin.

DaaS Buyers Appreciate Anytime, Anywhere, Reliable Access to Business-Ready Desktops

Successful Citrix Service Providers understand their end customers need a service provider partner who understands the buyer needs, not just someone who can sell technology. Delivering a quality service means more business – customers refer their friends and a service provider business grows. In fact, a recent survey of DaaS Market Trends showed word of mouth referrals is one of the top marketing sources for Citrix Service Providers.

Citrix Service Provider TekLinks understands the experience economy.  In the DaaS Global Market Trends survey, David Powell, Vice President of Managed and Cloud Services, shared this insight about building the customer experience: “In the healthcare space, our differentiation is understanding a medical practice. We don’t talk speeds and feeds, we discuss regulations, compliance and the business of a medical firm. TekLinks has established domain expertise  in our vertical markets so we can easily interface with clients who know we deeply understand their business.  TekLinks hosted desktops have a premium price – never less than $100 per user – because our clients understand we customize the hosted solution to the specific needs of their industry and their particular business.”

Citrix Service Providers go beyond commodity DaaS by customizing desktops for their focused market. The path to revenue growth includes consideration of the end user buyer – don’t just sell a product, sell the experience that your buyers want. (See related blog: How do service providers price Desktops-as-a-Service offerings?)

Citrix Service Providers Grow Hosted Services Business with Customer Focus

The Citrix Service Provider program has the same idea, offering more than just industry-leading hosted apps and desktop technology. The Citrix Service Provider Partner Program provides the comprehensive technical and business resources service providers need to build a high-value Desktops-as-a-Service business. Citrix makes partners successful at building their own highly differentiated, customized DaaS solutions through access to monthly pay-as-you-go licensing, a validated reference architecture, and prescriptive business and marketing resources.

Today it’s not enough to just resell a virtualized app. Citrix Service Providers find success from always available, customized business-ready desktops that are a successful experience for their end user buyers.

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