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Happy New Year! This month’s CTO Council Newsletter kicks off the new year discussing the future of healthcare. First we look at the role that machine intelligence may play in health care. Then we look at six key trends and predictions discussed at the recent mHealth Conference. We end with some predictions on how tech will impact how work gets done in 2015.

The Ghost in the Machine is Intelligent

by Reuven Cohen

Although it’s hard to say what the future of healthcare may look like, it’s becoming evident that advanced forms of machine intelligence will play a key role.

Healthcare: 6 Trends You Should Watch

by Simon Farrugia

Looking at intersection of technology and health care, what do we see? This article summarizes some of the trends discussed at the recent mHealth conference.

How Tech Will Change How Work Gets Done

by Natalie Lambert
While the mobility industry was huge in 2014, 2015 has even bigger prospects.  How will technology evolve to address how people want to work in 2015?

This Month’s Featured Experiment

Pocketplan- The Smarter Way to Work

Pocketplan combines the ease of a simple task manager with the power of a full-feature project management suite.

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