As we have relaunched out Citrix Developer program there have been a few things that we have always had in mind.

  1. The need for simple, to the point quickstarts (think lego blocks). This enables developers to focus on learning the specific focus area of the SDK and not having to worry about understanding a big monolithic sample
  2. Enable discoverability  to the broader development community for our SDKs, APIs, tutorials and quickstarts.
To address some of these issues we have developed and published an early release the Citrix Developer Extension for Visual Studio available now! You can download it here

So what exactly does this extension do and how can you use it to help build application?

Let’s dive into this extension and see what’s included in this initial early release.

We tried to break this extension into two groups, Discoverability and Quickstarts
On the discoverability front, we created a new menu in the IDE titled “Citrix Developer”. This will be your one stop shop for all things Citrix Developer related. We have menu items in here for you to get to the Citrix Developer site as well as some of our other developer sites (sharefile, Citrix Online and podio). We also call out our Citrix Github account and our Citrix SDK nuget account. These enable you to get more samples as well as SDKs quicker and directly from the IDE.
We also have the feedback link here as well. Please use this to suggest features, but reports, etc. We’re listening and want to continue to build on this extension so let us know what you want!
On the quickstart/solution kit front, we have included QuickStarts in the form of new projects templates. These are currently for C# at the moment but we’re looking to build out the library to include several other language types.
In this release you will find new project templates and item templates for the following SDKs.
  • Citrix Storefront SDK
  • ShareFile SDKithout
  • GotoMeeting SDK
  • Mobile SDK for Windows Apps
  • XenMobile
Here is a quick screenshot of the extension in action.
Here is a video link that walks you through the installation and general overview of the extension.

If you are particpating the Citrix App Challenge This is a great way to get started building your applications for submissions. Check out the Citrix App Challenge here

We’re trying to give you the building blocks and tools to get started building with our SDKs so let us know how we’re doing. Tweet us @citrixdeveloper