We’re Often Asked, “When will Citrix Build its Own Cloud?”

It’s a natural question given our role as a pioneer of business mobility over the past two decades—but it’s also the wrong question to ask.

By now, people should realize that Citrix creates its own path by listening to our customers and defining a path that provides all IT professionals with the most flexibility possible to deliver desktops, apps, and data with the best possible experience, world-class security, and unparalleled flexibility.

With Citrix Workspace Cloud™, we’ve come up with something truly special and unique for our industry. The formal launch will come later in 2015, but we can’t wait that long to start spreading the word. Here’s what you need to know today, and what you can look forward to in the months ahead.

Workspace Cloud: A Single Cloud-Based Control Center

The requests from Citrix customers were clear and compelling: Give me a single admin experience for my Citrix technologies. Preserve cloud choice so my decisions today won’t limit me tomorrow. Make it easy for me to assemble and orchestrate service portfolios. Help me attain cloud-scale economics as well as cloud-scale delivery. At Synergy 2014, Citrix laid out a vision and strategy for meeting these needs. We’ve committed major resources to deliver on our promises, and the results are pretty exciting.

With Citrix Workspace Cloud, we’ve built a scalable services management platform that automates the creation and delivery of secure mobile workspaces, comprising desktops, apps and data, on any cloud or hybrid infrastructure. Customers and partners can choose from a variety of workspace and infrastructure management services available for consumption, or use the Citrix-operated platform to build their own workspace infrastructure.

Multi-Service Delivery with IT Flexibility

This is a very big deal. Workspace Cloud unifies the management of Citrix products, and moves that management logic into the cloud. Deployment of Citrix technologies themselves can either be in the cloud, or on-premises, or both.

Administrators can leverage infrastructure resources for workspaces that best meet their needs, whether the drivers are security, corporate governance, uptime, performance or cost. Overall, Citrix Workspace Cloud offers the flexibility to make the right deployment and management choices for all Citrix applications.

A Single Citrix Experience

Workspace Cloud will help you achieve business value faster than ever with a unified approach to design, build and deliver mobile workspaces and related infrastructure based on the Citrix solutions you choose. As both a control platform and a continually updated service portfolio, Workspace Cloud gives you one place to go to access and manage services of many types, from virtual apps and desktops, to secure file sharing, to mobility and cloud networking. It’s simple and elegant, yet powerful—an enterprise app store on steroids.

Cloud-Based Control

It’s 2015—why are people still installing their own control consoles and integrating their own services? With Citrix Workspace Cloud, you get a cloud-based control center that’s already primed and ready to go—with the ability to orchestrate your full array of services automatically no matter where they reside. Admins from enterprises, cloud service providers and Citrix Solution Advisors can use the control center to choose what resources they want to use, and where they want them to be deployed—enterprise datacenter, public cloud or private cloud. Because the control planes for each service all live in a single cloud, they’re both self-aware and aware of each other—and can handle their own orchestration.

For example: Let’s say you’ve built an environment of app services, and then decide to add a layer of mobility management services. The control center already knows how to connect these services—there’s no need to do it yourself. As you add new users, your services automatically expand to serve them. It’s a much simpler, more productive way for IT to do business.

Infrastructure-Agnostic Deployment

The cloud has always been about freedom and choice, but when it comes to deployment, the market hasn’t lived up to this vision. Citrix won’t tell you where to deploy your resources; Workspace Cloud lets you choose whatever cloud makes the most sense for your business—public, private or hybrid—based on your unique economics, performance, compliance or technology requirements. That way, you can enable the best cloud for your business today, fully future-proofed as your needs and priorities evolve.

Control and Implementation on Your Terms

Again, it comes down to choice. Citrix Workspace Cloud allows for any level of experience or technology appetite so you can decide on the approach that’s right for you and your business. If you’re looking for fast and simple, you can just assemble the services you need and you’re ready to go. For greater control, you can instead use the platform to deploy services the traditional way, with full lifecycle management tools that let you design, install and configure your own custom infrastructure, apps, and integrated workspace; assign and support users; and manage and monitor your entire workspace cloud environment. You choose the model, you choose the pace of implementation—the way it should be.

You can understand why we’re excited to roll out Workspace Cloud later this year—it’s the platform our customers have been requesting, and it’s built on a vision that only Citrix could realize. Stay tuned for more details as we move through 2015

Register for the Workspace Cloud tech preview at www.citrix.com/workspacecloud

Matthew Morgan, SVP of Product Marketing at CitrixAbout the Author

Matthew Morgan is the vice president of corporate product marketing for Citrix.  In this role, Mr. Morgan oversees global product marketing for all Citrix solutions.  His background includes twenty years in enterprise software, including leading worldwide product marketing organizations for HP Software, Mercury Interactive, and Blueprint.  Feel free to connect with him on LinkedIn or visit his personal blog.