The Goliath Logon Simulator allows Citrix XenApp & XenDesktop administrators to know in advance if an end user will experience logon failures or slowness.

The Logon Challenge for Administrators

When XenApp and XenDesktop end users access hosted applications and desktops, and experience logon failure, slowness or application availability issues, it is painful for Citrix Administrators for two key reasons:

First, they don’t know about the issue until an end user complains, making them reactive to the issues. Second, they don’t have the right tools available to identify the failure point or the cause of logon failure, slowness or application availability. Consequently, administrators end up looking for the “ghost in the machine.”

Enter the Goliath Logon Simulator for Citrix

The Goliath Logon Simulator for Citrix can be used to preemptively test the end user logon experience – before users arrive at work, which offers a truly proactive look into what “will” happen before it “does” happen. The Goliath Logon Simulator allows Citrix Administrators to continuously launch real Citrix sessions with simulated users to test connection, load, logon, and application availability.

The following graphic shows how the software simulates the exact same steps end users take during the logon process, through the Citrix delivery infrastructure, including NetScaler:

The Logon Simulator exercises the entire Citrix delivery infrastructure and not just one aspect of the logon process. This is truly a unique and thorough approach that isn’t available in any other technology.

This product screenshot of the Logon Simulator’s real time dashboard shows if there are any logon failures or slowness. If so, the Citrix administrator receives a real-time alert pinpointing where the failures occurred.

Shown here, in the case of a logon failure, this real time display allows an administrator to conduct a drill down analysis to determine in which stage of the process the failure occurred: authentication, application/desktop enumeration or application launch.

In cases where the user logon is successful, yet slow, the administrator can use the Logon Duration Report to see the breakdown of the logon into each of the stages in real-time, including group policy, script, and profile loading, to determine where in the process the slowness occurred. An administrator can even get granular information on the initial logon and subsequent reconnect logon times.

Here administrators can get even more granular, and identify which domain controller was used for authentication and the time it takes to load each policy and script. If a group policy or logon script is causing the delay, this allows you to determine which policy or script is the root cause of the problem.

Fully Integrated Into Performance Monitoring

Although the Goliath Logon Simulator provides tremendous value, the folks at Goliath understand that merely letting you know there will be a problem is only half the solution. To be truly proactive, an administrator must be able to prevent issues from occurring, which requires root cause analysis.

Because the Logon Simulator for Citrix is fully integrated into Goliath Performance Monitor, an administrator can determine what element or elements of the IT infrastructure are causing the logon failure or slowness. For example, if logons from one location are suddenly taking 2 minutes to log on, as opposed to the average of 45 seconds, Goliath could determine sessions being launched from that location are authenticating at the domain controller at the datacenter instead of locally at the office.

Proactive Use of the Logon Simulator for Citrix

The Goliath Logon Simulator enables a Citrix administrator to simulate the logon process locally, remotely, or in the cloud. When deployed in any of these configurations, the Logon Simulator can generate failure and application/desktop availability alerts, identify the root cause of issues encountered, troubleshoot, and resolve these issues prior to end users being impacted.

Much more than a point-in-time testing utility or traditional load testing tool, the Goliath Logon Simulator is a must-have proactive performance management tool for Citrix administrators that can be integrated into the ongoing IT Operations toolset.

Get a 30-day Free Trial

Goliath is offering you a fully supported 30-day free trial of their new Logon Simulator. Fully supported means you can try the software and Goliath’s tech support.

Goliath Technologies is a Citrix Ready Partner. More information about the product is found at the Citrix Ready Xchange Marketplace.

Goliath Logon Simulator is verified to be compatible with:

Citrix Product Versions
XenApp 7.5, 6.5 64-bit, 6.0 64-bit, 5.0 64-bit, 5.0 32-bit
XenDesktop 7.5, 7.1 App Edition, 7.1, 7.0, 7 App Edition, 5.6