Today at Citrix Summit, our annual partner kickoff event, we revealed more details about Citrix Workspace Cloud. Formerly called Citrix Workspace Services, Workspace Cloud will revolutionize the way access to apps, desktops, mobility and data is designed, delivered and managed. Truly a new approach to service delivery management, Workspace Cloud will change how enterprises build and deliver secure workspaces in 2015.

We’re excited to continue to show progress in the development of Workspace Cloud. Enterprises will use this Citrix-based cloud platform to automate design and delivery of desktops, apps and data as services that can be deployed onto public or private clouds, on-premises or within a hybrid infrastructure.


Workspace Cloud: a Scalable Service Platform for a Changing IT Market

Today’s businesses are changing – the demands of millennials, global workforces and security threats are just examples of what’s driving business to evolve.  End users now need secure workspaces that deliver not just apps, but complete environments with desktops, mobility services, file sharing, and more.

IT needs to have the choice of where those services are deployed based on economics, performance, compliance, data sovereignty and more. As IT teams juggle more technologies with fewer staff, they could benefit from a simple, menu-driven approach to composing secure workspace environments.

Citrix Workspace Cloud – a scalable cloud platform to automate design and delivery of desktops, apps and data as services on hybrid cloud infrastructure.

Workspace Cloud will change IT delivery of secure workspaces:
–        cloud-scale workspace service delivery and management

–        ability to deploy on a choice of clouds or infrastructures

–        an always up to date set of services ready to deliver

–        pre-aligned services designed  make orchestration across services simpler

Conversations with IT leadership and industry analysts show the demand for broad workspace delivery will continue. Enterprises are going beyond simple desktop management and taking on mobility challenges and full application and desktop delivery. Citrix – and Citrix partners—are already the trusted advisors to thousands of organizations worldwide who are making the change to provide complete workspaces for end users. With Workspace Cloud, Citrix is poised to deliver the cloud-based platform that enterprises need to fill the workspace demand today – and help businesses prepare for the next wave of change.

Workspace Cloud: A New Approach to Design, Deliver and Manage Secure Workspaces

As enterprises purchase the complete Citrix technology stack to create secure workspaces, they need a single point of access to design, deliver and manage the technologies. Workspace Cloud will deliver this revolutionary platform for workspace and infrastructure services management.

Workspace Cloud has been in limited tech preview, with a broader tech preview planned.  Learn more and register for information about the tech preview on