Announced at Synergy 2014, Citrix Workspace Suite helps companies exceed their business mobility objectives with a single solution that unifies app, data and services on any device. In just 8 short months, hundreds of thousands of people have embraced mobile workspaces as a way to improve productivity and increase job satisfaction.

But, we are just at the beginning of this mobility transition. And in conversations with our customers and prospect organizations, we have learned a lot about how organizations of all sizes are responding to mobility requirements from the business. In general, we have found that organizations are in three phases when it comes to their mobility initiatives:

  • Phase 1: “We have a large mobility appetite but don’t know where to get started.” In this phase, organizations recognize the need to create a mobility strategy and start investigating mobility solutions, but they don’t know where to start. Most have an application virtualization solution in place (for mobilizing Windows apps) and look to very tactical mobile device management (MDM) or secure email solution. Unfortunately, they quickly realize that they need more capabilities to fully deliver a solution that meets the business requirements around secure app and data access from anywhere.
  • Phase 2: “We started small (either with mobilizing data or apps) and will expand as these projects prove successful.” Once organizations understand all of the different technologies available to them, they typically add a mobile app management (MAM) or file sync and share (EFSS) solution to their deployments. These point solutions are important as they start to make high-value content available to people, wherever they are. This is where mobility projects really get valuable.
  • Phase 3: “As we have expanded our mobility initiatives, we have added points products, but now we are struggling with multiple vendors and piecing together solutions.” Once organizations realize all of the pieces they needs to deliver a full mobility solution, their implementations become complex. They may have one vendor solution for app virtualization, another for MDM, another for MAM, yet another for EFSS, and yet more for a secure access gateway, productivity apps, WAN optimization and more. Now, bringing these pieces together is an impossible act.

This is where Citrix Workspace Suite comes in. This solution brings together market leading application and desktop virtualization, enterprise mobility management, EFSS, and networking technologies to deliver the most comprehensive mobile workspace solution available today. Don’t just take our word for it; see what the experts have to say!

So, to help our customers and prospects get out of this cycle, and support their initiatives for business mobility, we are happy to announce three enhancements to the Citrix Workspace Suite promotions and licensing options:

  • The Trade-Up promotion has been extended. Citrix customers have been using our technologies to solve their mobility challenges for years. But, as new devices, apps, data and services go mobile, our customers want to expand their expertise to deliver these new services. With this trade up promotion, XenApp, XenDesktop, XenMobile and ShareFile Enterprise customers will be able to take advantage of special savings up to 70% for trading up to Citrix Workspace Suite. Customers who trade up keep all of the functionality they are accustomed to with their current Citrix products, while adding new, powerful capabilities to complete their mobile workspace. This is a great option for customers that want to leverage their existing investments in Citrix and upgrade to the leading end-to-end solution for business mobility.
  • VMware, MobileIron and Good Technology customers can drop their legacy solutions and upgrade to Citrix Workspace Suite at 50% off. We know organizations made technology decisions in the past they regret. Whether it was an MDM solution, a secure email solution or a VDI solution, the market has matured and now is the time to leave these legacy products and move up to a complete secure workspace delivery solution. And with the Citrix Workspace Suite replacement promotions, now organizations can! For VMware, MobileIron and Good Technology desktop and mobile customers, Citrix is offering the ability to migrate away from these tactical solutions and purchase to a comprehensive, integrated solution, delivered from a single vendor at 50% off.
  • A new Service Provider license is now available. Not all organizations have the expertise in-house to deliver secure workspace solutions. These organizations, instead, look to the service provider community for help. Given the popularity of Citrix Workspace Suite, today we have announced the addition of a Citrix Service Provider license. This new license will gives the Citrix Service Provider community the ability to offer mobile workspace solutions to their customers.

Mobility is a strategic decision and organizations are now making their bets. They are looking for simple ways to bring the right technologies in house to take advantage of the benefits mobility brings. We are excited about the success of Citrix Workspace Suite and believe these announcements will ensure our customers have 1) an easy way to upgrade to a full mobility solution, 2) an easy way to migrate away from the point products they have today or 3) an ability to work with a service provider of their choice.

Learn more about Citrix Workspace Suite here and talk with a sales rep today!