We know current generations of popular CAD software hail from the old world of design-in isolation and need to function as a more coordinated, collaborative global design system. Shifting the design models and data off distributed PCs into data centers speeds the design process and gives engineers more work-style freedom. Adopting new ways to deploy and use current-generation CAD technology, means IT managers can help designers overcome barriers and improve their company’s competitiveness in meaning ways.

Deploying CAD technologies with Server-Hosted Virtual Desktops (VDI) and moving the data off the PC and into the data center opens new doors. Near-real time model updates, faster model loading, and better collaboration, security, analytics, and transparency are vectors for new innovation and value that VDI makes possible.

In December, Forrester Research principal analyst Dave Johnson published a research report on this topic, “Accelerate Product Design with Digital Workspaces for 3D Visualization: Recent Innovations in Graphics Hardware and Digital Workspaces”. In this report, Dave Johnson shares his positive views on the recent results of partnerships between graphics processing unit (GPU) titan NVIDIA, desktop virtualization pioneer Citrix, Microsoft, network hardware vendors, and a host of server manufacturers. Also included in this report are several insightful customer case studies of successful implementations of CAD technologies based on VDI solutions from Citrix and NVIDIA, as well as informative technology recommendations and deployment best  practices for IT managers . Click here to read the full complimentary report.