New XenApp 7.6 and XenDesktop 7.6 now available – plan upgrades for your customers!At Citrix, we continuously invest to fuel our innovation engine and delight our partners and customers. That’s why we created the FlexCast Management Architecture (FMA) that underpins the latest versions of XenApp and XenDesktop, to enable partners and customers to be able to deploy workspaces from the cloud, from on premise datacenters or in any combination they want, and be able to move workloads as their needs change.

And after 25 years of helping our customers upgrade to new versions of XenApp, we know they need help to manage the move from our Independent Management Architecture (IMA) to FMA as they upgrade to the newest version of XenApp.

To simplify that journey, we’ve had a team of engineers creating a XenApp Upgrade Service, a cloud-based web tool that enables administrators to simplify their experience upgrading their Citrix environment to XenApp 7.6.

This web service radically simplifies XenApp upgrades and migrations by automatically analyzing your current XenApp settings and policies, and then displays all of the transferrable options for greater personalization, and then provides a unique, individualized migration tool designed for your specific environment, applications and users.

Imagine, a migration tool specifically designed for you that will automate your upgrade process that you can access directly from our XenApp upgrade website.

On that website, you’ll find the link to the XenApp Upgrade Services, where you’ll download and install a connector that will automatically fetch information on your Citrix policies and applications, and import it into the service.

The tool will then display your transferrable options for greater personalization, and then generate a unique, individualized migration script designed for your specific environment, applications and users. You’ll only need to upload your data once, and then you’ll be able to upgrade to XenApp 7.6 at your own pace, migrating just one application per day or even less, if that is your preference.

That said, we need your help to make this tool everything you want it to be.

After all that work in the lab, this XenApp upgrade service is ready for administrators to put it to the test. Every use of this service will provide valuable insights on how to fine-tune it and improve it, even as it dramatically simplifies XenApp upgrades for administrators.

Administrators will save time and resources, and we’ll make it work even better.


You can find the XenApp Upgrade Service Tech Preview at

Give it a test drive, simplify your own migration, and we’ll make it better for everyone.