We are pleased to announce CAD Redirect as Citrix Ready for latest XenDesktop and XenApp 7.6!

CAD Redirect is the new flagship product of D Herman Consulting Ltd. offering seamless interception of all Windows keyboard shortcuts. CAD Redirect is an efficient and easy way to ensure your users enjoy a consistent and natural experience across your estate.

CAD Redirect unique feature is that it passes through all keyboard shortcuts, including Secure Attention Sequence keys, to the remote session by shielding them from the Operating System and other processes.

CAD Redirect value proposition include improving usability of Windows based thin client solutions and reduces training needs by mirroring a local desktop experience

The Salient Features of CAD Redirect are as follows:

 –          Prevents other local software, such as graphics and sound drivers, from overriding shortcuts, making for an extremely streamlined and predictable experience. All keys are received as-is by the remote session, with no reliance on special built-in shortcuts such as Ctrl+F1.

–          Popular Secure Attention Sequence shortcuts such as Ctrl + Alt + Delete and Win Key + L (Windows Lock Screen) are also passed uninterrupted to a user’s remote session, creating a more organic and efficient user experience.

–          Simple client-side installation and there’s no need to modify or disrupt the remote desktop or back end infrastructure. No user manuals or complex training sessions will be required – just natural, ergonomic working for all of your users.

–          IT Professionals and Systems Integrators can benefit directly from improved user acceptance and lower training requirements in their move to remote session based working. Thin Clients in particular are an excellent candidate for upgrade, allowing you to deliver a truly seamless local experience.

To learn more about the CAD Redirect for XenApp And XenDesktop, feel free to request a demo.