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In all the clutter that has become news these days, you may have missed blog posts or news about some of the wonderful NetScaler things to remember in 2014:

1.  More multi-tenancy flexibility with admin partitions

Whether I am with Dubai, Spain or US customers, folks are excited to see this feature.  Customers continue to want SDX , the hot multi-tenant appliance that now features Admin Partitions.   Customers have the additional option to further define, control and operate with more logical partitions to isolate ADC services as they need to.  Admin Partitions feature can work on any NetScaler appliance like MPX, VPX and VPXonSDX.  Variety of use cases were highlighted in this Admin Partitions blog.

2.  NetScaler AppFirewall:  On the recommended list for web application firewall for lowest price/performance category.

Marketing gimmicks are not necessary with this product.  Just pure WAF testing done by NSS labs with focus on performance, security and reliability tests.

3.  NetScaler picked by IT pros as ADC market leader.

What a great honor indeed for NetScaler to be selected by IT professionals/experts.  See NetScaler ADC market leader blog for all the info.

4.  Many beta customers raved about 10.5 release due to various different reasons

One of the big feedback is on GUI as well as many feature enhancements that folks were really excited about.  There are several blogs on 10.5 as well as beta customer feedback for references.

See NetScaler Beta users feedback blog and NetScaler 10.5 brings new ADC experience blog

5.  Netscaler Mobilestream improve mobile app performance.

Everyone knows that mobile users are growing and some even have multiple devices with them in regular basis.  Hence, it would definitely be good to get more details on NetScaler MobileStream to provide different methods to help improve user experience.  This is worth looking at to see what makes sense for your customer environment.  MobileStream improves mobile app performance blog for details.

6.  PCI DSS services-solution brief.

In case you missed this, we now have a new solution brief for PCI compliance highlighting the challenges (and of course) the Citrix solutions that can help with PCI compliance.   This solution brief goes further in highlighting some of the different features to help with PCI as well.  So a must see PCI DSS Success solution brief for details

7.  A highlight lost in news clutter.

Here is another highlight that may have been missed this past year.  It is worth noting since it is free!  Command Center is free for NetScaler Standard Edition (SE) and AppFirewall standalone and it has been since late first half 2014.  This is already free for Enterprise and Platinum editions but this highlight is to mention that it is also free for SE and NetScaler AppFirewall standalone appliances.

See Best things in life are free blog!

8.     TriScale Clustering feature is included in enterprise and platinum editions.

No need for extra SKUs to deploy this feature, customers just upgrade to 10.5.52.x release or the latest release.  Some details here including the new 24000 series announcement also released at same time!

9.      The Cisco and Citrix relationship is closer than ever.

From NetScaler 1000v, Nexus 1000v and Nexus 7K integrations as well as Cisco ACI.  Many actions happening here and really worth talking to your Citrix Sales/SEs for further details and/or check out all the Citrix/Cisco blogs such as the following NetScaler and Cisco ACI blog or Cisco Live blog.

10.   NetScaler continued to expand features in the telecom world

With Carrier Grade NAT, SIP over TCP/TLS, various Radius features, etc.  Here are some blogs to re-emphasize the capabilities:   Most celebrated ADC blog and Changing the Face of Telecom blog.

The above list is not in any particular order, as I think they are all great news and definitely not limited to this as well.  So please continue to check out and see what’s important customer use cases and/or features for you and feel free to add comments here on what you think are the top cool things with NetScaler in 2014 and what you wan to see in 2015.  Looking forward for more cool and wonderful things in 2015!