The #1 Reason to Add a TRM to Your Citrix Environment

In the world of virtualization, and frequent operating system updates, there will always be applications that present compatibility issues.  When an organization is running critical applications and is experiencing an outage, the cost of the problem can far outweigh the cost of having a proactive support contract in place.  Adding a Technical Relationship Manager to your Citrix Environment is an excellent way to ensure success with any Citrix software or hardware offering. When changes are made to an environment and new technologies are introduced, there is typically an increased need for technical support, and hence a higher volume of support cases.

TRM Customers Receive the Highest Level of Citrix Technical Support

The TRM is a proactive support offering. TRM customers realize benefits that are not available to customers that only have reactive support.  A TRM has the highest level of technical expertise on our support team, and will proactively manage all of your support cases. The time consuming process of calling into a 1-800 number and explaining the issue to level one support is bypassed, as the TRM triages the case and works with our support team through case resolution.  Because the TRM meets with you on-site twice annually, and knows your environment, he or she can make recommendations regarding best practices. Having an internal Citrix resource can prove to be of a tremendous value that can far outweigh the annual cost of TRM. The TRM also has a direct line of communication to the Citrix escalation team, and in the case of a Hardware TRM, also acts as the escalation engineer and can work the case all the way through resolution. Another major benefit the TRM delivers is the ability to influence future Citrix product updates.  The TRM will take your feedback to our product development team, and can make recommendations based on your experience.

Summary of TRM Benefits

  • You gain a designated Citrix advocate: Your TRM will act as your champion within Citrix, establishing communications with product management and development teams.
  • The TRM can provide access to product betas, offering you the ability to influence feature development.
  • You receive regular status reports and reviews: These can be customized to match your priorities and include statistics such as the number of support calls opened, case status and resolution times. The TRM can also analyze your support trends and make recommendations to increase reliability and performance.
  • Elite level of technical support and proactive account management.
  • Resolve complex issues quickly and minimize exposure to down times.

Download the TRM Fact Sheet to learn more about the TRM Program

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