HP Discover Barcelona just wrapped, and it reminded me of how we live in a time of relentless, disruptive change. There is now a ceaseless information flow that is toppling old business models and rapidly minting new ones. And no company survives without adapting. HP aptly refers to the way enterprises need to respond to this as the “New Style of IT.”

Transitioning to the New Style of IT will be a driving force behind the top IT trends of 2015. As long-term partners, Citrix and HP work together to deliver mobile workspaces that provide virtualization, mobility management, networking and cloud services to enable your transformation. Some of the trends that are likely already on your radar include:

1. Supporting mobility and BYOD.

As a core component of the New Style of IT, executives recognize the need to implement a mobility strategy. But many are dealing with legacy infrastructure that just isn’t flexible enough. Transforming legacy infrastructure will be a key success factor for those taking this issue by the horns. HP and Citrix are doing great things enable the IT transformation required to keep pace.

2. Riding the waves of innovation.

Ripped from the funny pages and sci-fi TV shows of the 1950’s, innovations like Immersive Experiences, 3D Transformation, and wearable tech are now poised to change…everything. HP and Citrix can help you ride these technology trends to drive innovation in your business—and capitalize on the opportunity they represent.

3. The Internet of Things (IoT).

All those phones, tablets, watches, and other devices enable an astounding amount of data-driven experiences that improve our quality of life—and create an enormous IT challenge. In 2015, organizations will look to make their datacenters more powerful, agile, and secure to enable data-rich interactions with the immediacy and privacy users demand.

4. Using Big Data to fine-tune mobile marketing.

Smart devices enable laser sharp marketing segmentation, but may blur the lines between “personal” and business users. Expect the marketing department to focus on “Big Data Analytics” to fine tune mobile advertising efforts.

5. Locking it all down.

In a mobile app and iWatch world, Mobile Device Management (MDM), becomes crucial. So does containerization, which keeps personal and professional data separate. Key security features will be container-level passcode protection as well as device- and app-level security.

6. Moving toward workload-optimized systems.

The explosive growth of all the aforementioned trends is straining space, energy, and budgetary resources. Workload- optimized systems, like HP Moonshot System with Citrix mobile workspace, are designed to provide the right compute for the workload at the right economics to get the most out of infrastructure resources.

7. IT is a big(ger) deal.

As Big Data keeps getting bigger, IT becomes a more critical player in high-level business objectives. Enterprises will increasingly turn to easy-to-deploy, turnkey systems that include deep automation to free IT from routine tasks and enable  shifting budget from operations to innovation. We believe that HP ConvergedSystem for Citrix XenDesktop – an optimized and fully-integrated system designed to deliver striking performance gains, improved cost per seat, and a superior end-user experience—is poised to make a huge impact in this space.

If enabling, supporting, and securing mobility are your top priorities for 2015, Citrix and HP can help you build and deliver a mobile workspace strategy that aligns your business goals with IT capabilities, empowers your people to be more productive and innovative, and allows you to control the balance between security and access.

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