To celebrate a successful 2014, look back on the most important technical updates in the Citrix Service Provider program and to highlight any updates you may have missed that are enhancing Desktops-as-a-Service offerings, here are the top 10 most read technical blog posts for Citrix Service Providers in 2014:

Reference Architecture Released: Citrix Service Provider on Microsoft Cloud OS

Citrix Service Provider Reference Architecture on Microsoft CloudOS - Leveraging Citrix and Microsoft Capabilities to Deliver Applications, Desktops, and Data as a Service (DaaS)

Critical to a scalable, profitable service provider business is smart design. In-house Citrix tech guru since 1992, Kurt Moody highlights what’s new and critical for partners in the fourth version of the Citrix Service Provider Reference Architecture – a detailed guide on the particulars necessary to successfully implement Citrix technologies for Desktops-as-a-Service on Microsoft Cloud OS. Read the full post.

This Reference Architecture blog post was the most read post of the year. The remaining nine most popular post are listed in no particular order.

6 Reasons Why DaaS and VDI Terms Undervalue The Reality

“Desktops-as-a-Service” (DaaS) and “Virtual Desktop Infrastructure” (VDI) are two terms that do not do justice to what is really possible with Citrix-based DaaS. This posts explains why the terms we really should be using are “Hosted Workspaces” or “Workspace-as-a-Service”. Read the full post.

Service Providers Scale and Streamline Desktops-as-a-Service with CloudPortal Services Manager 11.5 Release

Citrix CloudPortal Services Manager 11.5 brought a deep set of features to help service providers further empower end users with self-service capabilities. Service providers can even better manage provisioning and delegate administration of hosted business applications and services. This post highlights the new features, including (but not limited to) advanced Microsoft Active Directory sync and out of the box support for provisioning the latest Microsoft technologies plus Citrix hosted apps and desktops. Read the full post.

Inside view: Citrix Service Provider partner validation process 

Validated service provider partners use a rigorous technical review as the basis for a trusted business. Kurt Moody share his insider’s perspective into the validation process and how a review works for a partner’s hosted apps, data, and desktops solutions, business, sales and marketing operations. Read the full post.

Top 5 Questions from Citrix Service Provider Technical Office Hours – September 2014

Four Technical Office Hours sessions in 2014 gave service providers direct access to our Citrix Service Provider technical experts to ask their pressing technical questions related to offering Citrix Desktops-as-a-Service. Learn the top 5 questions asked during the two September sessions. Read the full post.

Tale of Two Service Providers and the Power of Citrix App Orchestration

Citrix App Orchestration 2.5 extends value in five areas that enable repeatable processes and self-service administration of desktop and app services. This posts explains App Orchestration 2.5 shortening implementation time for faster delivery of hosted services and allowing coordination of the configuration and automation of Desktops-as-a-Service across a range of isolation modes, data centers and infrastructure types. Read the full post.

Announcing Citrix Workspace Services – New Opportunity for Citrix Service Providers

Citrix announced Citrix Workspace Services – an even faster and more replicable way to deliver mobile workspaces and create business value. What exactly is Citrix Workspace Services? This blog post defines Workspace Services and explains why end-users will love it. Read the full post.

Get with the program! Citrix Service Provider Partner Validation adds technical, business credibility to established hosted desktop business

An invitation that explains the necessity of becoming a Validated Citrix Service Provider. “If you want to know that you are delivering the highest state of the art Windows applications, data, and desktop services to your subscribers, and that you have the best access to the Citrix teams that can support your business, then you want to become a Validated CSP Partner.” – Kurt Moody Read the full post.

Citrix App Orchestration 2.5 Debuts Zero Trust Private Domain Delivery Model for Desktops-as-a-Service

Feedback from Citrix Service Providers showed that an Active Directory trust and subsequent firewall and routing requirements can become a deal breaker for highly secure, fully isolated customer deployments. In answer to this feedback, this blog post details the new feature in Citrix App Orchestration 2.5 that allow for domain deployments delivering Desktops-as-a-Service to be orchestrated by enterprise ready, cloud scale automation from a single interface and central management domain – without a Microsoft Active Directory trust in place! Read the full post.

Citrix Workspace Services – mobile workspaces on the best cloud, yours

Discover the three core elements of Citrix Workspace Services that will enable Citrix services to be deployed on multiple clouds/infrastructures, support more than just desktops, and provide different layers of control depending on the end-user’s preference. Read the full post.