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This month’s CTO Council Newsletter is all about the Enterprise. We begin by examining if tablets can succeed in the Enterprise. From there, we introduce a new concept, Service Lifecycle Management designed to simplify deploying and managing Enterprise applications. We wrap up with a look at greater primer on the impact of the Internet of Things (IoT) for the Enterprise.

Will Tablets Succeed in the Enterprise?

By Phillip Redman

Enterprises still don’t support tablet use on a wide scale, and we have not found that killer enterprise tablet app yet. Will tablets succeed in the Enterprise? Why is this so, and what does the future hold for tablet use in the enterprise?

Managing Mobile Workspaces: The Rise of Service Lifecycle Management

by Chris Witeck

The cloud provides Enterprises many options for deploying applications, but complexities in how they manage these applications still exist. This article examines how automation through Service Lifecycle Management can reduce complexity.

Additional CTO Council Articles

The Internet of Things (IoT): How will it change the Enterprise? 

by Chris Witeck

The era of the Internet of Things is upon us and it’s impact cannot be understated. This article looks at how IoT for the Enterprise will be different than IoT for the consumer.

This Month’s Featured Experiment

This experiment leverages several different Microsoft automation technologies to significantly streamline and simplify XenDesktop deployments.