If you’re a frequent reader of our Citrix blogs, then you’ve likely seen multiple entries that discuss how technology is changing the way industries are operating.  In many ways, the IT healthcare industry is leading the world wide charge, finding innovative ways to improve work life for end-users.  From large health systems to small community hospitals, we’ve seen how IT teams are a large part of improving patient care.

But, there is still much work to be done by technology professionals in healthcare.  Today, it’s more vital than ever for developers to speak directly with Physicians and care providers in the non-emergency, clinical setting.  We need to better understand the care they provide, their needs and the challenges they face in providing patient care.

What we’re looking for:

  • Who: Doctors in non-urgent hospital settings, clinics & private practice
  • What: Participate in a 30 minute discussion
  • Where: GoToMeeting virtual conference
  • When: At your convenience!

Our intent is to spark direct conversations with those who work in hospitals, clinics and private practices.  We want to speak directly with physicians who are willing to participate in a quick 30 minute interview via GoToMeeting.

We will ask questions in order to comprehend some of the key concepts around patient-doctor relationships in non-urgent care settings.  We hope to use the information we gather to test new concepts in collaboration and productivity.

Please know that we are not conducting beta testing with Citrix products.  We fully understand the rules around HIPPA and participants will not be asked to provide confidential patient information.

We also understand that doctors are constantly busy and will provide a little thank you in the form of a $100 Tango card OR a pre-paid Visa Card.

If you know someone who qualifies and is interested, please ask them to get in touch with us right away.


Melinda Yosso
Project Manager, Customer Experience