We want and expect to have ultimate control over everything we use to sort through information.  As users, want our data sorted, segregated and  listed for us.  We expect the ability to quickly pick and choose only what we desire to view.

We expect our solutions to be user-friendly and simple to use.  That’s why I really love the new “Inbox Tabs” feature of Gmail.

  1.  It segregates everything into multiple categories.
  2.  It’s a very simple change that makes my life easy
  3.  I feel inspired to use Gmail more simply because I don’t have to go through hundreds of mails to get to the important ones!

Isn’t it amazing?  Such a tiny little change can really make people like you and I increase our use and become more dependent on a solution.

In the name of making your life as a user of Command Center easy, I’ve created this post.  It’s the first in a series of blog posts created to shed light on new user-friendly features.  Those that may make Command Center even more of an ideal solution for you.

Inventory List

Check out the new table on the left side of the home page that appears after you login.  This table now includes a small change to make your life clutter free. Initially, it was created to provide a complete list of all of the devices that Command Center supports (With empty rows for the types of devices you haven’t discovered).

Now, you will see only the devices you have discovered.


System Overview

To further simplify Command Center, our latest 5.2 release, purposely introduces a summary pane at the bottom right side of the home page.  We strategically placed the most frequently used functions on top. Now, you’ll know exactly what is configured.  More importantly, now you will know what can be configured.

Device Type Segregation

We were concerned.  To find pairs of access gateway devices in a deployment of 100 NetScaler MPX boxes is like finding a needle in a haystack.  So, we introduced a new segregation that lists device types (Separated cleanly in multiple sections). All these tabs will have specific functionality that is dedicated to device types. Hopefully, you’ll find it much easier to find the particular type of device you are looking for. 🙂


Default Device Profiles & Device Groups

Finally, providing an empty slate to add every single item from scratch is not an ideal way to simply life for our users.  So, to simplify the process of adding new devices, we now provide a list of default device profiles with a well-known default password.  This will allow you to quickly select what you need, then move ahead!

Customize Columns

Oh, how I wish if I had a penny for the number of times I have ever wanted to shed off columns I didn’t want to see on my dashboard.  How super rich I’d be!

Now, you have the power in your hand to display only the columns you really want to see every day.  You can deselect the ones you wish to ignore.

Export Device Inventory

When you have all your Citrix devices managed by a single console, why do you have to maintain a separate Excel list to send to the management team or for any other references?

The answer: You don’t! Command Center has a simple export option, which will let you export the complete list of devices to CSV format.

Wildcard based Search:

The process of searching by date offers necessary flexibility.  But often, solutions that offer data search applications are not easy to use. Command Center provides a simple way to select data with multiple condition selection, which can be based on wildcard characters.


Reports on Peak Values

Do you need peak/maximum values of certain data collected by Command Center? If so, it’s easy to select the aggregation function check box while creating custom reports.  Then, select Maximum as the function.  Your peak data will be presented on a report.

So, while you ponder on these features, know that I am just getting started :-).  More useful information will follow soon.

Ciao for now.  As always, it’s a pleasure writing for you!