Many of you might have this question. And a valid question, indeed! Here are the top five reasons why joining the Citrix Ready program is beneficial to your business.

Join Citrix Ready

1) A showcase to 260,000 Citrix customers and 10,000 Citrix resellers

With a vast population of customers and resellers, your product or solution stands to gain tremendous exposure. Additionally, since your product will be verified as compatible with one or more Citrix products, your potential customers will have ease of integration/deployment. So, you have a ready infrastructure to sell into.

Additionally, your product or solution will be featured on the Citrix Ready Marketplace, which is a platform to showcase/promote Citrix compatible third-party products and solutions. With over 26,000 product listings, Citrix Ready Marketplace is  the primary source to  help customers make purchasing decisions on Citrix verified products and solutions. This could be a unique prospect to expand your business reach. You’ll get complete control of your product pages on this platform, to generate and manage leads.

2) A wider ecosystem for your product/solution

Citrix is one of the key players in Virtualization, Networking, Cloud, Mobility and recently SaaS. We’ve made large inroads into many industries and markets and Citrix products are today a common sight at enterprises as well as SMBs. By joining the Citrix Ready program, you open up your business to new revenue opportunities, a wider audience and a better experience for your customers.

3) It’s free!

Yes, you can join this program, verify your products and solutions as Citrix Ready, receive resources and an additional push for your business from Citrix, all for free. With the ‘Access’ level of Citrix Ready partnership, you get benefits such as access to Citrix Developer Network, Tech support & maintenance, verification test kits, lead generation on Xchange Marketplace, Citrix Ready logo usage, and marketing resources. There’s a long list! Read about all the benefits available to Citrix Ready partners.

4) Integration with Citrix products (Technical benefits)

Citrix Ready program offers extensive technical benefits to help you better serve your customers, strengthen your skills and build your business. The unique technical benefits include technical integration support, Citrix product licenses, technology enablement tools, development kits and documentation, technical product trainings and more. You can use these benefits to create a well-integrated joint offering, which is valuable to customers, and in turn to your business.

5) Leverage the Citrix brand

Lastly, through this program, you can get open access to varied marketing and sales resources such as custom campaigns on a Citrix web property, options to create co-branded collateral, joint press releases and lead generation webinars. In addition, with Citrix Ready custom branded logos, you can leverage the power of Citrix brand to promote your business.

And joining this program is quick and simple! So, head over to this website now, and get complete details about the Citrix Ready program.

If you are attending the Citrix Summit 2015, do drop by to see us at the Citrix Ready booth in the Solutions Expo. For any questions or doubts, you can also write to