The IT sales environment has never been more challenging. Partner sales teams are under pressure from multiple forces.

SalesIQ: the cutting edge of sales intelligence

  • Smarter, well-informed customers expect salespeople to understand their needs and offer tailored, high-value solutions at the right price.
  • Constant changes resulting from volatile markets, technology enhancements and new competitors require salespeople to stay on top of market insights and competitive intelligence.
  • The transition to a vertical focus from a traditional geographic focus calls for expertise in the unique requirements – even the lingo – of key sectors. Industry-specific knowledge can be hard for outsiders to acquire.

Citrix makes selling easier

Citrix SalesIQ is the best place to go for valuable, up-to-date content supporting your sales efforts – from competitive intelligence to objection handling tips to special promotions.

The platform also offers industry resources for healthcare, financial services and education verticals.

Unlike other vendor sales content portals, that are simply repositories for miscellaneous (and often outdated) information, SalesIQ is designed to help you surpass the competition.

  1. SalesIQ is constantly updated and refined based on input from partners and Citrix Sales teams about which resources are most useful.
  2. Social collaboration provides visibility into sales content ratings by your peers, indicating the content they find most effective.
  3. Role-based content is another great feature — items including tools, promotions and incentives are appropriately tagged to specific partners.
  4. SalesIQ also stands out from the others because it is accessible on your favorite mobile device.

Benefiting everyone on your sales team

Sales representatives and sales engineers can access core selling and positioning decks, pricing and licensing data and competitive information that can enhance qualifying and proposal processes.

Marketing representatives who create and execute demand generation campaigns can obtain sales enablement content needed to enable their sales organizations to qualify leads and turn leads into opportunities that drive sales.

Attend the Summit session!

Learn more about SalesIQ to get the information you need, when you need it. Schedule this session at Citrix Summit into your Summit plan:

  • Session: SUM133: Citrix SalesIQ: increase selling efficiency and effectiveness and the value of each customer engagement
  • Date: Tuesday, January 13, 3:00 p.m. – 3:45 p.m.

While we’re on the subject of Citrix Summit, some exciting announcements will be made at the conference. If you haven’t yet, sign up now for Summit in Las Vegas, Nevada, January 13-14.

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