Scandinavians on a boat have usually meant trouble to us English. Vikings have a proven history of getting on their boats, crossing the odd icy-cold sea, followed by burning a few villages or killing the occasional Anglo-Saxon king. So when I heard the Citrix User Group in Norway were holding one of their user group meetings on a cruise, see details here, I wasn’t really sure if I should notify the European authorities! The Norwegian User Group is one of the biggest worldwide, regularly attracting 150+ attendees to their meetings and events.

To be fair to myself, their other user group meeting this year led to a pirate party that saw a Citrix Exec being forced to play the drums, a now-VMware VP dressed as a pirate captain and graphics expert Benny Tritsch forced into servitude as a pirate galley boy!

Anyway – it all passed off very well and Mikael Modin and CTP speaker Carl Webster from the community agreed kindly to write this review and introduce the regions experts, to dispel counteract my xenophobic myths and legends. I’m afraid that as Mikael’s photo review shows this event is disappointingly low on both burned villages and murdered kings but if high quality multi-product Citrix information, combined with an amazing location, is your thing – it’s definitely one to think about attending next year!

Seems Vikings might be OK after all! So over to Mikael Modin and Carl Webster, thank you for authoring the reviews:

CTP, Carl Webster’s Review (An American in Oslo)

CUGTech was fun. I met lots of new friends and people who read my site and run my scripts. I enjoyed the trip even though almost all of it was in Norwegian.

I went with Anton van Pelt and visited the Viking Museum, the Center for the Studies of Holocaust and Racism and the Nobel Peace Center. We ate lots of interesting food: reindeer, doe, and several other mystery meats plus the best salmon I have ever eaten. Anton and I also got to see the changing of the guards at the Royal Palace. I found everyone I met in Oslo was extremely friendly, even the strangers we met on the street asking them for directions.

I loved the trip and experience and hope they have me back to talk about active directory.

 Mikael’s Photo Review

CUGTech Autumn 2014 is about to start. On the front row: Carl Webster (CTP), Trond Eirik Håvarstein (CTP) and Anton van Pelt

Yet another CUGTech Autumn has past here in Norway and I was one of the lucky ones to hold not only one, but two sessions this year.

The turnout was great with just under 150 attendees and we had 2 days packed with good sessions presented by speakers coming from Norway, Denmark, Brazil, USA and the Netherlands.

The Norwegian Citrix User Group arranges two conferences every year. One is held in the spring at Tjøme which is a beautiful place looking out over the Oslofjord, and one in the autumn on the Colorline cruise ship going between Oslo and Kiel (Germany), see here for details.

Traveling with us this time we had a total of 4 CTP`s (Citrix Technology Professionals) where two of them were presenting.

The first day consisted of a single track that was concluded with a GeekSpeak,
The second day had two tracks were the attendees could choose between XenApp/XenDesktop or Netscaler sessions.

Day two ended with a traditional CUGTech Challenge where teams of two could sign up to win the CUGTech Challenge Trophy. The challenge is a “jeopardy-style” with Citrix related questions.


Snorre from Citrix Norway opened the conference with Netscaler news from Citrix

Rune from Citrix Norway

Following up with other news from Citrix was Rune Grumheden also from Citrix Norway

Olav and Tahir

Olav Lillebo and Tahir Saleem gave us their tips and tricks from a consultant’s point of view


Trond Eirik Håvarstein (CTP) explained how to automate a deployment of XenApp and XenDesktop

Virtualisation Godfather/Grandfather – CTP Carl Webster

Carl Webster (CTP) held two sessions this trip.
On the first day he shared his Experience with Moonshot and XenDesktop/PVS.
On day two he taught us how to create our own Powershell Documentation Scripts

Anton van Pelt

Anton van Pelt guided us through how to implement a Citrix mobility solution

Geekspeak Panel (from left to right) Olav Lillebo, Marius Sandbu, Anton van Pelt, Daniel Wedel (CTP), Carl Webster (CTP), Alexander Ervik (CTP) and Atle Lund.

The first day was concluded with a Geekspeak and the panel consisted of (from left to right) Olav Lillebo, Marius Sandbu, Anton van Pelt, Daniel Wedel (CTP), Carl Webster (CTP), Alexander Ervik (CTP) and Atle Lund.
The Geekspeak was organized by Trond Eirik Håvarstein (CTP)

Netscaler Customer: Lars Petter Hosøy from Visma

The second day was kicked off with a session from a customer. This year’s customer case was delivered by Lars Petter Hosøy from Visma who explained why they had chosen to implement Netscaler in their enviroment

Event sponsor Cortado

Kristin Montag from Citrix Printing Partner Cortado held a sponsor session and demoed Cortado Corporate Server. (Read More about Cortado and virtualised printing here).

Blog author Mikael on HDX

Mikael Modin took a deep dive into HDX and explained why it is more than 3D Pro

Blog Author Mikael Modin talks with Atle Lund

Mikael Modin and Atle Lund delivering their session called; XenApp 6.5 to XenApp 7.5 – Bridging the Gap

Marius talks also on Netscaler, high demand for such sessions

Marius Sandbu delivered two Netscaler sessions on day two. The topics were Performance tuning and Security functions.

Bjarne also talked on Netscaler to an audience who couldn’t get enough of this product

Bjarne Treholt held a Netscaler session about Netscaler Application Firewall

Viking Treasure Hoard!

Marius Sandbu and Mikael Modin from Commaxx was this year’s winners of the CUGTech challenge and could take home the Trophy